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Yukon Digital Ranger Night Vision Monoculars Gen 2+ YK28041 NVG
Yukon Digital Ranger Night Vision Monoculars Gen 2+ YK28041 NVG

Yukon Digital Ranger Night Vision Monoculars Gen 2+ YK28041 NVG

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Yukon Digital Ranger Night Vision Monoculars Gen 2+ YK28041 NVG


Night Vision, long dominated by Starlight Systems, is entering a new phase with Digital Imaging Technology. Yukon Advanced Optics is staking it's claim for leadership in this field with the New Digital NV Ranger 5X42. The innovative approach is evident in the Ranger's high magnification, increased observation range and invisible IR illuminator are just a few characteristics that separate the Yukon's Ranger from the rest of the market. The Ranger is designed to be the most powerful and versatile unit available with a rugged body packed with a sizable amount of innovations. By integrating Yukon's adjustable IR illuminator which extends the traditional IR range into a capable multi-zone unit, the Ranger satisfies even the most demanding applications.


The Digital Ranger 5x42 is the next generation of night vision.The innovative approach that customers have come to expect from Yukon is evident in the Ranger’s revolutionary digital night vision capabilities; the Ranger has the highest magnification available, and the clearest image, that you just can’t get with traditional night vision.With the best edge-to-edge resolution on the market, the Ranger rivals the effectiveness of comparable Gen 2 and Gen 3 night vision devices at any range.The Stealth™ invisible IR illuminator ensures that the beam is invisible to watchful eyes at any range.What is most amazing about this device is that, unlike ordinary night vision, the Ranger can be used for daytime, as well as nighttime, operation without damaging the device.The Ranger is designed to be the most versatile unit available, with a durable, compact body and unique innovations including a direct video output for video recording or remote viewing.The Digital Ranger 5x42 is backed by Yukon’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Day and night operation
  • Higher resolution than Gen1
  • Extra long distance viewing, effective over 300 yards
  • Contrast adjustment control
  • Stealth™ operation with invisible, powerful dual IR illuminators
  • Enhanced multi-coated optics
  • Direct video output capability
  • Built-in ¼” tripod socket
  • Rugged Rubber Armor™ construction
  • Compact
  • Car power adapter included

Included Accessories:

  • Protective carrying case
  • Neck strap
  • Car and wall AC adapter


Sensor type

CCD Digital NV

CCD resolution, pixels




Lens diameter, mm


Field of view, degree

Resolution (typical), lp/mm


Focus range, yard

5 to inf.

Eye relief, mm


Diopter adjustment, dptr

± 4

Detection distance (approx.), yard

up to 300

IR wavelength, nm


IR power, mW


IR illuminator effective distance, yard

up to 200

Power supply

7.2-9.0V (six AA)

Video output signal standard

EIA (NTSC compatible)

Estimated battery life (w/out IR), hour

up to 10


-4° to +95°

Dimensions, in

6.7” x 4.6” x 3.0”

Weight (with / without batt.), oz

28.2 / 22.9

Tripod socket, in


The Ranger is equipped with two independent built-in IR illuminators. One of them functions continuously and is designed for observation under ideal night viewing conditions of a 1/4 moon. The other high-powered IR illuminator is intended for observation of distant objects under low light conditions, including total darkness. The IR power of the latter can be smoothly adjusted and the IR light intensity level can be stored.
IR Illuminator
The Ranger can operate on external power sources such as vehicle's or stationary power grid (the device is equipped with a special output for that) or independently on AA batteries/accumulators.
Power Supply
The 42mm objective lens is distinguished by improved frequency and contrast characteristics. The objective lens made of high-quality optical glass is fully multicoated.
In Ranger the image is shown on the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). Manual adjustment of LCD brightness is operated with the adjustment wheel.
Brightness Adjustment Wheel
The direct built-in video recording output enables image transmission as well as video recording on peripheral equipment (monitor etc.) while carrying out stationary or mobile observations.
Video Recording


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