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Voodoo Innovations VDI Ported Barrel Glock 21 45ACP Melonite
Voodoo Innovations VDI Ported Barrel Glock 21 45ACP Melonite

Voodoo Innovations VDI Ported Barrel Glock 21 45ACP Melonite

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The VooVoo Innovations Glock 21 45ACP Match Grade Barrel is designed as an improved drop-in fit barrel for the Glock 21.  The VDI 21 Barrel is machined to tighter fitment tolerances to increase accuracy potential without the need of gunsmith fitting. The barrel features Match chambering, Match Grade Rifling to allow the use of any 45acp projectile (not just jacketed bullets), machined from 416R stainless steel, and Finished in Voodoo Innovations LifeCoat process.


.45 ACP Match Grade Drop-in Barrel
Match Chambering
Tighter Tolerances for Accuracy
Match Grade Rifling
LifeCoat Finish (Melonite & PVD)
Made in the USA
Life-Time Warranty


416R Stainless Steel
1:16 Twist
Chambered .45 ACP
Compatible with Glock 21 slide and frame

Length 5.16"

Current Barrels Disadvantages:

Stainless steel barrels are well known for higher velocities and better accuracy because the bore has been cut true into the steel. This cut does not leave any added imperfections so the round has less resistance as it travels down the barrel. This quality does come at a high price. Most stainless steel barrels cost almost twice what a chrome lined barrel cost, which prices them out of the market for most shooters. Also, while they have corrosive resistant properties by nature, they are not completely corrosive resistant and can corrode over time. They are the choice for most high end manufacturers and shooters but they are not a viable option for every shooter.

Voodoo Advantage:

Our barrels are finished with our proprietary QPQ Melonite process inside and out. Unlike hard chrome and magnesium phosphate, Melonite is a molecular bonding process with the metal. It allows the chemicals to seep down below the surface area of the metal, instead of just adding a top layer. This means that the barrel can be cut to a true rifle bore while maintaining complete corrosion resistance and virtually no wear. It also means that the protection offered is not just a thin layer on top of the material but actually penetrates layers deep ensuring that it does not wear off. Now you have the velocities of a stainless steel true rifle bore with complete protection!

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