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Versa-Pod 9-12" Battle Pack LITE Multi Foot Bipod 150-529 Bench Raptor AR15 Versapod
Versa-Pod 9-12' Battle Pack LITE Multi Foot Bipod 150-529 Bench Raptor AR15 Versapod

Versa-Pod 9-12" Battle Pack LITE Multi Foot Bipod 150-529 Bench Raptor AR15 Versapod

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Versa-Pod Battle Pack LITE LTD Multi Foot Bipod 150-529 Bench Raptor AR15 Versapod

Interchangeable (Rubber, Raptor, Steel) Foot Versa-Pod BattlePack LITE w/ Pan & Tilt, Cant Friction Lock Bench Size Extends 9"-12"  - MOLLE Pouch included!

This new configuration enhances all the things that make a Versa-Pod great. Tighter tolerances mean less movement resulting in greater accuracy. Our patented tool-less friction controls allow the bipod to be precisely positioned and locked in place. The knobs can also be adjusted to allow slight movement for following moving targets.

Molle pouch will easily integrate into your existing configuration and is built tough - go ahead and abuse it! This unit adjustable from 9"-12" and is best when using a 30 round magazine. Includes MOLLE Pouch, Raptor, Ski, and Rubber Feet and out Universal Mounting Adapter. Pan & Tilt Lock Cant Friction Lock Light Weight and Rock Solid Spring Loaded Legs. MOLLE BattlePack Pouch US Made YKK Type zippered MOLLE compatible carry pack made of heavy duty, woven nylon. Built for the harsh environment of today’s sportsman. Digital Mulitcam pattern. This pouch was designed to hold the BATTLEPACK main bipod assembly and all three sets of legs. Works on other Versa-Pod models as well.


The Rubber feet include and angled bottom to allow greater contact with the shooting surface. This gives you the same amount of contact, no matter where the legs are positioned. The angle area includes small ribs for better traction on smoother surfaces. The Santoprene® foot cup is .500” deep which provides more durability, and stability. The foot cup also covers the outer bipod legs for protection against dirt, debris, and harsh elements.


The Ski Type feet are very universal and used in several different scenarios and terrain. They allow less traction while still providing a stable shooting platform. The Ski feet are commonly used with larger caliber rifles where controlled recoil is preferred. They also perform well on less stable or softer surfaces like wet grass or mud. This addition to the BATTLEPACK LITE ensures the operator has the perfect set-up for any situation.


The Raptor Claw grips a little or a lot, onto uneven textured or slippery surfaces. Think cement/concrete. Think common rooftop materials. Think grass, sand, gravel, mud, dirt. The wide footprint surface area and a three-point claw are the answer. Three points are more stable than four points. A pad is more stable than a single pressure point. In addition to our quality, this is what puts Versa-Pod above the competition.

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