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Versa-Pod 5-7" Shorty Sniper Bipod Model Steel Ski Foot AR15 Versapod
Versa-Pod 5-7' Shorty Sniper Bipod Model Steel Ski Foot AR15 Versapod

Versa-Pod 5-7" Shorty Sniper Bipod Model Steel Ski Foot AR15 Versapod

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NEW IN BOX Versa-Pod® Model 50 Bipod (150-049) 5-7"

The Sniper Pod - A Super Short Bipod w/ Pan & Tilt, Cant Friction Lock, and "Ski" Type Feet. Adjusts from 5” to 7” fully extended. (1.10lbs [0.5kg])Versa-Pod® Model 49 Sniper Bipod The Sniper Pod - the name says it all. It was developed particularly to satisfy the needs of professionals, who find it a necessity to be as close to the ground as possible. The Model 49 is the lightest of the 50 Series but just like all Versa-Pods still has the same rugged design and ease of use. With its Ski feet, the Model 49 can be used on many natural terrains especially slick surfaces to lock into place for accuracy and comfort. Our patented tool-less friction controls allow the bipod to be precisely positioned and locked in place. The friction knobs can also be adjusted to allow slight movement for following moving targets. The legs extend from 5 inches to 7 inches. Includes (1) One Tactical Universal Mounting Adapter (150-200) Rigid Metal "Ski" Type Feet Lowest elevation Versa-Pod Pan & Tilt Lock Cant Friction Lock Light Weight and Rock Solid Spring Loaded Legs


Includes (1) One Universal Mounting Adapter (150-100)

  • Steel combat feet
  • Folds forward or backward on the rifle
  • Lowest elevation 5-7" extension
  • Pan & Tilt with Lock Mechanism
  • Cant Friction Lock
  • Light Weight and Quick Detachable
  • Spring Loaded Legs

About Versa-Pod:

Quality and Innovation. QUALITY means superior materials are used throughout. Quality means that there are 18 TIG welds in every Versa-Pod bipod. INNOVATION means new features never before offered on one bipod. Unlike our competition, we don't simply make idle claims about being durable - we give you proof.

304 STAINLESS STEEL - Solid 304 stainless castings are used at critical stress points like the
knuckle joint. Our competitors use fabricated sheetmetal construction.

SOLID LEGS - On our bipods, the legs are machined from solid metal (aluminum or steel), not
hollow, bent sheetmetal like on our competitor's bipods. You won't get that "springy" feel when you take your shot.

POSITIVE LOCKING - Our designs all use positive locking notches. The load that the leg is able to sustain is 15 times greater than that of designs which use a friction-type locking mechanism.

SOLID STEEL LATCHES - The locking latches are wire-EDM cut from solid blocks of 4140 chromemoly steel. Our latches are unmatched for strength and precision.

Versa-Pod is a chosen supplier of bipods to the U.S. and various other military forces, government agencies and companies throughout the gun industry.



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