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Valhalla Valkyrie 5.56 AR15 Upgraded Bolt AR-15 VTS
Valhalla Valkyrie 5.56 AR15 Upgraded Bolt AR-15 VTS

Valhalla Valkyrie 5.56 AR15 Upgraded Bolt AR-15 VTS

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Valhalla Valkyrie 5.56 AR15 Upgraded Bolt AR-15 VTS


The Valkyrie Bolt Upgrade is offered to meet and exceed all Mil Spec standards by including three of the most significant reliability upgrades you can buy.  This is upgraded to be used for direct impingement (aka gas tube) systems as a replacement/spare.  You can order without the Mcfarland ring if you desire to use your own standard gas rings or are planning to use it in a piston system (Adams bolt spring is additional option).  First, the Bolt is Ion Bonded for superior corrosion resistance and durability even when using inexpensive corrosive surplus ammunition. Second, a Milspec Viton O-ring is installed to assist in eliminating extraction problems in the M16, M4, and AR15. Third, a JP Enterprises Enhanced Gas Ring is installed to permanently eliminate the need to adjust the rings' alignment, and lessen the chance of jamming. This bolt will work with all milspec carriers as well as Adams Arms gas piston system carriers.

Adams Arms Advantage:

Our bolts are finished with our proprietary QPQ Melonite process inside and out. Unlike hard chrome and magnesium phosphate, Melonite is a molecular bonding process with the metal. It allows the chemicals to seep down below the surface area of the metal, instead of just adding a top layer. This means that the bolt can offer complete corrosion resistance and virtually no wear. It also means that the protection offered is not just a thin layer on top of the material but actually penetrates layers deep ensuring that it does not wear off.


  • Heat Treated
  • Melonite Ion Bonded
Extractor Spring:
  • Chrome Silicone for Longer Life
  • Black Insert as per current Mil-Spec
  • Upgraded “O” Ring is high temp resistant

Extractor Retaining Pin:

  • Precision Machined
  • Heat Treated

Gas Rings:

  • Upgraded JP Enterprises One Piece


  • Precision machined
  • Heat Treated

Ejector Spring:

  • Chrome Silicone
  • Precision ground ends

Ejector Retaining Pin:

  • Precision cut to length
  • Black Zinc Coating

Adams Arms Limited Lifetime Warranty


Remove the gas ring. Allows for piston system use with no ring or install traditional rings if desired.

Add Bolt Spring for an Adams piston system $4.50.  

About JP Enhanced Ring:

Reassembling an AR-15 involves aligning the gaps in the gas rings to make sure they are as far apart as possible. We do this to avoid all sorts of problems and malfunctions and the standard rings need to be replaced about every 3000 rounds. Finally, there's a solution that permanently eliminates the need to adjust the rings' alignment, and lessens the chance of jamming.

How It Works
Upon firing, as the pressure of the gas generated by the burning propellant drives the projectile down the barrel and past the gas port, a small quantity of the gas is bled off through the gas port, gas tube, and bolt carrier key into the cylindrical section in the bolt carrier where it expands and drives the bolt carrier rearward. During the first rearward travel of the carrier, the bolt is rotated by the cam pin acted on by the bolt carrier cam slot. This rotation disengages the bolt lugs from the barrel extension lugs and so the bolt is unlocked. The carrier then continues rearward with the unlocked bolt. At this point, the gas used to drive the bolt carrier rearward is allowed to bleed out through two holes on the right of the bolt carrier.

The Problem
In order to install the rings on the bolt, they must be split and thus a "gap" on each ring is unavoidable. The problem arises because these gaps can become aligned, and cause too much gas to escape too early in the cycle. This can result in short-stroking and possibly jamming the rifle, so manuals and instructors enforce the proper alignment of the rings when reassembling the AR-15 rifle.

The Solution
The one-piece gas rings solves the problem of "aligned" gaps by eliminating the gaps. As a one-piece helical ring, you are guaranteed to never have the problem with the gaps.

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