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VLTOR VIS-2 10" or VIS-3 12" Rifle Length Forward Assist VIS-3AK
VLTOR VIS-2 10' or VIS-3 12' Rifle Length Forward Assist VIS-3AK

VLTOR VIS-2 10" or VIS-3 12" Rifle Length Forward Assist VIS-3AK

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VLTOR VIS-3 Rifle Length VIS 12" with Forward Assist VIS-3AK

available in

VIS-2 Mid Length VIS 10" with Forward Assist VIS-2AK (SELECT SIZE BELOW)



One of Vltor’s most innovative products is the Versatile Interface Structure (VIS) upper receiver assembly. After 12 years of concept, development and testing, the VIS integrated receiver and rail platform is now available. The VIS is a polylithic upper receiver assembly that ties the normally individual receiver and handguard into a single, aggregate part. This combination overcomes many problems that are associated with the traditional “two piece” design; most notably the greatly improved structural strength and repeatable accuracy. This affords the user all the benefits of a free-floating barrel and rock-solid railed forend.

The VIS features four Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny rails: The top rail is one continuous rail, from the back of the receiver section to the front of the VIS. The removable lower section allows for the attachment of the M-203 grenade launcher, as well as assists in cleaning and maintenance.

VIS Receiver System
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fit the gas block or a suppressor inside the VIS handguard section?
Only a “low-profile” gas block will fit. There are no railed gas blocks or suppressors that will fit.

Does the VIS accept standard AR15-type barrel assemblies?
The VIS?uses standard AR15/M16 barrels with a modified barrel nut (included).

Each kit comes with a barrel nut installation spanner wrench.

Each kit contains the following:

Qty. 1  Upper VIS assembly (includes dust cover door assembly, installed).
Qty. 1  Lower VIS Handguard assembly.
Qty. 1  VIS barrel nut.
Qty. 1  Bolt assist & Shell deflector assembly (installed)(AK)
Qty. 1  VIS barrel nut wrench.
Qty. 1  M203 Indexing Bracket and mounting screws

While the VIS is not the first one piece upper receiver for the AR-15/M16 family, it is the first design that retains the use of standard barrels, as well as a removable bottom rail section that allows the mounting of the M-203 grenade launcher and all SOPMOD components. 


Polylithic upper receiver and handguard assembly.


Composite assembly made from aircraft grade aluminum. Hardened to T6 specifications. Type III MilSpec hard coat anodized.


Compatible with all MilSpec lower receivers, bolt and carrier assemblies, charging handles, rail mounted sights/optics and standard AR15/M16 barrels.

Weight (nominal)

With lower handguard and forward assist unit.

VIS-3 (rifle) - 29.0oz



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