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VLTOR ModPod (Modular Side Mounted Bipod)
VLTOR ModPod (Modular Side Mounted Bipod)

VLTOR ModPod (Modular Side Mounted Bipod)

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Designed in partnership with Tango Down, the Vltor Bipod is a sturdy and lightweight unit that mounts to the left and right side rails of the weapon.  It locks at every 90-degree angle to fold out of the way when not in use and is adjustable for height.

The Vltor Modpod utilizes the rail mounting components of the Scout Mount series and the Tangodown bipod. At first, Vltor was originally going to develop their own bipod legs, but instead chose the robust TD legs. Unlike the TD bipod, Vltor bipod legs fold forward and rearward, locking into each 90 degree position. This gives the user multiple mounting options.

Most rail systems will work with the Vltor ModPod, but with a few exceptions, including the 7-inch (Carbine Length) rail system. If mounted at the muzzle end of the rail and with the legs folded, the bipods legs may interfere with the weapons ejection process. So, for the short rail systems, Vltor recommends a mid-mounted position. Mid-length rail systems are a little more bipod friendly; unless they are totally extended (third position) then it may hamper the ejection process. The ModPod was mainly developed for a rifle/SPR type system. With the legs totally extended, the bipod legs work perfectly on any rifle length rail system.

Bipod Comparison

10.6 oz, Vltor ModPod
16.5 oz, Tangodown Bipod (ACB-4)
13.5 oz, Harris "L" Bipod and Rail Mounted Bipod Adapter.

Modpod at a glance

Design  Lightweight, durable and simple. When mounted to the weapon, there is full access to the bottom handguard/rail. Feet are adjustable to three different lengths.
Construction Impact and temperature resistant polymer, specially blended for Tangodown. Metal components are both stainless steel and aircraft aluminum alloy.
Compatibility Mounts to any weapon that features a 3 and 9 o’clock position Picatinny-railed handguard/rail system.
Weight 10.6 oz.

Length: (from the centerline of the pivot): 8.430” collapsed.

Length: (from the centerline of the pivot): 10.940” totally extended.

Color/Finish All ModPods have a matte (anti-reflection) finish. ModPods are only available in the following colors: Black, Flat Dark Earth (Tan). Both colored ModPods have black hardware and bipod-feet.
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