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UTG 3X Magnifier + Low Profile Ring & High Mount for Eotech
UTG 3X Magnifier + Low Profile Ring & High Mount for Eotech

UTG 3X Magnifier + Low Profile Ring & High Mount for Eotech

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UTG Golden Image 3X Magnifier + Low Profile Ring & High Mount for Eotech




Awesome value quality magnifier includes both low and high mounts!

Detail Information:

• Extends Capability and Clarity of Weapon Dot Sight System such as Aimpoint or Eotech
• Use the Straight Vertical Ring Mount to Work with Popular Dot Sights about 24.5mm High(Dot to Base), or Use the Angled Ring Mount to Work with Dot Sights about 43mm High
• Built-in Corrective Lens System to Transform your Glaring Dot to a Perfect Dot
• Robust Construction with Precision Machining for Maximum Strength
• Completely Sealed and Nitrogen Filled to Eliminate Risk of Water Ingress and Fogging
• Complete with a Low Profile Straight Vertical Ring Mount and a High Profile Angled Mount


Eye Relief:1.97"
Weight:6.6 oz


Optics Warranty:

Lifetime warranty* for AccuShot Series, 5th Gen Series and Golden Image Series scopes.
(*2 year warranty for Red/Green Dot Scopes/Sights.)

Warranty against material or workmanship defects applies based on the following conditions -

  1. Scope was a first-hand purchase. Evidence of purchase is required for warranty service. Warranty is not transferrable.
  2. Scope was not disassembled, parts/screws not removed or loosened, and the scope was not tampered with in any way. Any evidence of such interference will void the warranty.
  3. Scope has not been abused, maliciously damaged or treated in a manner not in keeping with the purpose it was designed for.

Click Customer Service, e-mail [email protected], or call (734)542-1500 to request warranty service and obtain Leapers Return Authorization Number(RA#) before returning the product. Provide the following information when contacting us:

scope model, serial number, invoice showing seller and date of purchase, reason for return, shipping address (no P.O. Box).

Send the product in its original packaging and the above information with RA# to Leapers. A minimal processing fee will be required. The warranty request will be processed within 1 week upon receipt.

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