Strike Industries Latchless Ambidextrous AR15 Charging Handle AR-15
Strike Industries Latchless Ambidextrous AR15 Charging Handle AR-15

Strike Industries Latchless Ambidextrous AR15 Charging Handle AR-15

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Strike Industries Latchless AR15 Charging Handle AR-15

The Strike Latchless Charging Handle represents yet another step forward for the AR-15. Simple in its execution, yet robust and reliable, the revolutionary Strike Latchless Charging Handle offers forged 7075 construction, efficient side gas venting, and a solid, comfortable interface for the user. Reliable receiver lockup is achieved through a novel hidden spring mechanism that uses the Charging Handle insertion slot in the upper receiver charging handle channel. This channel features a natural radius that will not wear rapidly like the external, 90-degree edge of the standard CH latch area of the upper receiver. The flat spring bearing surface is much larger than a steel ball bearing, spreading force and wear out over a larger area. Increased service life is one benefit of this type of system, as is the comfort and peace of mind that come from a lack of moving or external components that can break or snag/catch on your gear and foreign objects. The solid aluminum construction is durable and provides a solid mounting point for the ISO Tabs, an add-on component that increases surface area for those using large optics and/or gloved hands.

WARNING: For standard mil-spec AR15 only. Not rated for suppressors and /or full auto fire. Not for use on SBRs or pistol length barrels (<14.5")

Package include
-1x Ambi Charging Handle


- Net Weight: 0.9 oz
- Improved service life over competing designs.
- Ambidextrous architecture.
- Simple, sleek, snag free design.
- High-efficiency Gas Vents.
- 7075 Forged Aluminum Construction.
- Modular Extended Latch options coming soon.


ISO-Tab Description:

Enhance your speed and effectiveness of the Strike Latchless Charging Handle with the ISO-Tab from Strike Industries. Made out of lightweight but durable 6061-T6 aluminum, the ISO-Tab is built like a tank but without the weight. Improve your reaction time and never miss a beat even under stressful conditions with the combination setup of a latch-less charging handle and extension tab. Choose a one-sided or ambidextrous configuration according to your needs. Customize from our 4 main color lines. Featuring an aggressive texturing and a wider surface area to “latch” onto, never miss a step to get back into the fight.

ISO-Tab Features:

Enlarged, extended and textured grasping surface for easy and consistent CH manipulations under a variety of conditions.
Interchangeable on either side.
Available in a variety of color lines.
Enhances Operation of Strike latchless Charging Handles
Aluminum Construction for durability and minimal added weight
Included Screw for a secure fit.

Contents (per package):

x1 Iso Tab

x1 mounting screw

Note: Only compatible with Strike Latch-Less Charging Handle

Note: It is highly recommended to apply threadlocker to the screw before installation.

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