Spike's Tactical 16" Adams Arms Piston Upper AR15 5.56
Spike's Tactical 16' Adams Arms Piston Upper AR15 5.56

Spike's Tactical 16" Adams Arms Piston Upper AR15 5.56

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Spike's Tactical 16" Dedicated Adam's Arms Piston upper


Consistently reviewed as one of the top piston systems available, this Adam's Arms system is combined with top of the food chain Spike's parts and build quality. A premium .223 AR-15 piston upper!

Receiver Specs-

-Mil-Spec M4 flat top upper receivers

- M4 feed ramps

- Spider logo

- T-Markings

- Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodizing

- Mil-Spec dry film lube on the inside of the receiver

Barrel Specs-             

-Turned from 416 Stainless Steel

-1:8 Twist

-5.56 Nato Chamber

-M4 Government Profile

-Carbine Length Gas System

-M4 Barrel Extention

-Threaded 1/2x28

-Melonite coated inside and out for excellent corrosion resistance and durability

Piston Block Specs-

-High quality stainless steel

-Same plane with flat top Picatinny Railed design

-Has 3 gas settings: full gas, suppressed, and no gas (single shot)

-Melonite coated inside and out.

Piston Plug and Op Rod Specs-

-High quality stainless steel 

-Melonite coated inside and out

-The system can be broken down from the front, requiring no tools

Bolt/Carrier Specs-

-1 piece design

-Have skies as well as a champher on the rear of it to help prevent carrier tilt and drag

-Melonite coated inside and out

-Engraved with our Spider logo

-The Mil-Spec bolts are spring loaded

-Shot peened

-MP tested

-Each extractor will be fitted with a Viton o-ring and Black extractor insert

Other Specs-

-Spike's Tactical Billet charging handle 

-Each upper comes with an ST-T2 buffer 

-A2 Flash hider.



Adams Arms is committed to building the highest quality parts and accessories available for the AR15/M16 platform rifle.

All of our parts are built with high quality domestic 440 stainless steels built in the U.S. by U.S. workers.

We stand by our quality with a lifetime guarantee.

Q. What is required to maintain and clean the Adams Arms Piston System?
A. The Adams Arms Retro-Fit Piston System keeps the hot burning gases from entering the receiver. This means the normal time and energy exerted on cleaning your AR15/M16 will be drastically reduced. To clean our system, simply wipe off the parts with a dry, clean towel.

The areas of the system that see the most dirt is the front of the gas block and the back of the plug and drive rod sleeve. These parts may require some scrubbing with a nylon cleaning brush or old toothbrush and some cleaning solvent.

To access the drive rod for cleaning, simply press the detent button and turn the gas plug knob to the 9 o’clock position. Then remove the drive rod and gas plug. Wipe the outside off with a dry, clean towel and spot clean with your choice of solvent and a nylon brush as needed.

If you find an area that has a heavy build up of carbon which will not come off with solvent, use a knife, pick, or some type of scraping tool to remove the heavy spots. Due to our meloniting process the parts are virtually scratch proof and shouldn’t show any wear.

Once cleaned, replace system and continue shooting. Oiling the piston system is not necessary; however, if you choose to do so, apply only a thin coat over the moving parts.



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