Sixell Innovations NQG (Never Quit Grip) AR15 Magwell Grip ERGO
Sixell Innovations NQG (Never Quit Grip) AR15 Magwell Grip ERGO

Sixell Innovations NQG (Never Quit Grip) AR15 Magwell Grip ERGO

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Sixell Innovations NQG (Never Quit Grip) AR15 Magwell Grip


VTS introduces a cool new MADE IN USA product from Sixell offering a sturdy, improved ergonomic grip for magwell shooters.The Never Quit GripTM is the first and only advanced polymer molded single piece grip designed to fit the AR15/M16/M4 magazine well.
(The grip also fits the Barret 468 and H&K 416)

The grip's ergonomic design offers the shooter who uses the mag well a more anatomical and firm, yet textured fit to the hand.

The Never Quit GripTM can be easily installed by simply releasing the trigger guard pin, sliding the grip over the mag well and then closing the trigger guard.

The Never Quit Grip originated as a result of observing the tendencies of military and law enforcement that grabbed at the magazine well of their AR15/M16/M4 carbines while training and in operation. If the shooter prefers the mag well as a grip surface, the Never Quit Grip is merely a comfort item that is more ergonomically correct to the hand than the mag well surface itself.


Are you espousing 'mag well' shooting over other techniques?

No. Sixell Innovations merely makes a well designed product to better fit the individual shooter from an ergonomic stand point who prefers to shoot from the mag well.

Will this make me shoot better?

No and yes. Employing the rifle effectively is dependent on ones training in any given technique and level of proficiency achieved through consistent training; this makes you a better shooter. If however, you are someone whom prefers to shoot from the mag well you will notice a better 'fit' to the rifle. Generally speaking, the more comfortable you are with the rifle, as an extension of your body, you will tend to shoot better because you are not 'fighting' the rifle.

I was told not to grab the mag well?

Once again, we are not here to change people's minds about the technique about shooting from the mag well, only to provide products to support those who do. One thing to take into consideration however is the fact that much of the argument made against shooting from the mag well is that if you are exerting re-ward pressure on the magazine itself you 'could' create a mis-feed issue. The Never Quit Grip encourages the shooter who shoots from the mag well to grab higher on the magazine well and 'not' on the magazine itself, this could be an added benefit. Also we must consider the fact that much of the information against mag well shooting was based on the weapon system of 10-30 years ago. Today's lowers and magazine technology have advanced so much since then, that many of the manufacturers of these items we have spoken with say it's very unlikely. We have also gone to our own lengths and testing process of taking multiple rifles and magazines to the range and intentionally trying to create mis-feeds to no avail. Bottom line it comes down to the comfort level of the individual shooter.

What is the grip made out of?

The grip is made from a brand name form of polymer known as SantopreneTM. SantopreneTM is used by most manufactures who make other quality accessories for your rifle, such as hand grips, magazines and rail covers. It just depends on the hardening process used as to how the texture will feel when all is said and done.

What if I get oil or grease on the grip?

The simplest answer is to just wipe it off. The Never Quit Grip is oil and UV coated resistant.

Does it move around on the mag well?

No. We made sure the grip did not move around during the design and prototype process. The other thing we wanted to make sure of is that it did not interfere with any function of the rifle, which it does not.

How much does it weigh?

A little over 1 oz.

What is the NTOA Tested and Recommended sticker about?

This is a testing process in which the National Tactical Officers Association fields the product with multiple tactical officers on their testing board throughout different states. The officers give their opinions, both good and bad and rate the item on a point system. If you score high enough you are afforded the privilege of letting your potential customers know that it has meet the requirements set forth by the NTOA as a recommended item. Verified listing

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