Seekins Precision SP Select Adjustable Gas Block .750
Seekins Precision SP Select Adjustable Gas Block .750

Seekins Precision SP Select Adjustable Gas Block .750

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Seekins Precision Select Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block .750 AR15 AR-15

The addition of a suppressor, dirty conditions or even switching ammo are all factors that can lead to undesirable gas settings on your rifle.

Our patent pending design was initially developed to fulfill an order in our Government programs which required the ability to run suppressed or unsuppressed in the field.

The Select Adjustable Gas Block allows a near infinite initial adjustment using an allen wrench. To begin, simply turn the gas screw in (reducing gas) or out (increasing gas), whichever you require, and finish by attaching the gas switch for tool-less, on the fly adjustments without losing your initial gas setting.  

For suppressor use:

    Set the initial gas setting with suppressor on so the bolt locks back on an empty magazine.
     Add ONE click
    Attach the gas switch, and position it all the way to the left (this will be the minimum amount of gas you will need).
    When you want to remove the suppressor simply take it off and rotate the gas switch to the right adding the amount of gas needed to cycle properly un-suppressed.

When you’re ready to re-install your suppressor, rotate the switch back to the left and your good to go.

*Another option is if you are shooting a suppressed .300BLK and want to switch between subsonic and supersonic ammo simply position the gas switch to the left for supersonic and rotate right (to add more gas) for subsonic ammo.

• 40 position fine adjustment

• Tool-less gas selection switch

• Suppressed or unsuppressed

• Melonite coated tool steel

• Available in .750

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