Rock River Arm 6.8 SPC Complete A4 Upper RRA BCG LAR Midlength
Rock River Arm 6.8 SPC Complete A4 Upper RRA BCG LAR Midlength

Rock River Arm 6.8 SPC Complete A4 Upper RRA BCG LAR Midlength

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Rock River Arm 6.8 SPC Complete Midlength A4 Upper RRA BCG, Charging Handle Included (LAR-6.8) 

 NO FFL REQUIRED, ships to your door.

6.8SPC was developed for better terminal effects while still having an acceptable long range trajectory. The point of 6.8SPC is: significantly better terminal ballistics against humans and animals to 300 yards and still fit and run reliably in the AR15/M16/M4 platform. The parent case is .30 Remington, shortened to fit the AR15 magazine OAL. This is slightly larger in diameter than .223, so a new bolt is required (included in this complete upper). Magazine capacity is slightly reduced vs. 5.56 in the proper mags.

Renowned for their quality, Rock River Arms (RRA) has won many military and agency contracts.  RRA was selected by the DEA to provide their LAR-15 carbines after winning one of the most demanding stress test competitions in history.  Now you can add the hard hitting 6.8 Special Purpose Cartridge (SPC) caliber to your existing AR-15 with the purchase of this (NON-FFL REQUIRED) upper and a 6.8 magazine (see our Magazine section).  No modifications required! 



What is recoil like?

Shooting a 16" 6.8SPC barrel with the RRA brake has slightly more recoil impulse than a 16" 5.56mm with no brake. It is more noticeable than 5.56 recoil in rapid fire (e.g. double tap, hammer) and full-auto, but much more controllable than 308 weapons with comparable rates of fire.

How can I shoot 6.8SPC out of an AR15?

The barrel and bolt are specific to 6.8SPC. Magazine bodies and followers designed to work with 6.8SPC are required. We stock the excellent C Products 25 round 6.8 mags. The upper receiver is standard with the addition of larger M4 feedramp cuts. A standard complete AR15 lower is used.

How does 6.8SPC's trajectory compare to caliber X?

Since the ballistic coefficient (BC) and muzzle velocity (MV) of 6.8SPC is very similar to 75-77gr 5.56mm and 150gr .308, the trajectories will be almost identical. For other comparisons, plug the MV and BC into the ballistic computer of your choice.




Guns Magazine, October 2004: "Rock River's DEA Carbine" Article

The following article is the best history of 6.8 SPC to date:
The 6.8 SPC, Is it all that?   Shotgun News 60(21):4-16. July 31, 2006


External Ballistics, Basics

When factory loads are fully developed, an 18" barrel should shoot the 115gr OTM at about 2750fps; the 16" barrel at about 2650fps; and a 12" barrel at just over 2500fps.
The BC of the 115gr Hornady is 0.340. The BC of the 110gr VMAX is 0.362.

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