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Primary Weapons FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator Gen2 AR15 PWS Hider
Primary Weapons FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator Gen2 AR15 PWS Hider

Primary Weapons FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator Gen2 AR15 PWS Hider

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Primary Weapons FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator Gen2 AR15 PWS Hider



Product Details

The Flash Suppressing Compensator (FSC) series of muzzle devices from PWS provides superior compensation characteristics combined with enough flash suppression to keep the flash out of your optics and line of sight. Designed for both competitive and tactical use, the FSC series allows for superior muzzle stabilization and aids the shooter in faster follow up shots and accuracy.
The unique port design of the FSC series yields muzzle control that meets or exceeds the performance of the best muzzle brakes on the market without the teeth rattling overpressure indicative of other brakes and compensators.
The FSC Series muzzle devices are the only compensators on the market backed by a money back guarantee. If you buy one, install it, shoot it and are not amazed by the performance, send it back and we will happily refund your purchase price.
All of the FSC Series muzzle devices have been classified as a non-flash suppressing device by the BATFE, thus removing any restriction from assault weapon ban states or provinces. See the BATFE document here.
FSC Series muzzle devices ship with the PWS Shim set, therefore additional mounting devices such as peel washers or crush washers are not required.
This device was also designed to accommodate suppressors such as the Gemtech HALO and therefore comes with a peel washer.


For use on weapons that have a bullet diameter equal to or less than .223/5.56 and threaded 1/2x28 RH.
2.10" (53.3mm)
.865" (22mm)
Thread Pitch
1/2x28 RH
2.1 oz (59.5 grams)
Lower Recoil, Eliminate Muzzle Rise and increase your speed without flashing out your sight picture. FSC users report quicker reset and firing of follow up shots and of being able to watch the bullet impact their target at distance. FN Herstal, chose the FSC556 and FSC30 for the SCAR 16 and 17s after extensive testing. It greatly negated that platform’s recoil and decreased muzzle climb making the rifles feel and perform much differently than with a simple flash hider. These are a great addition to any defensive carbine or competition rifle.

Video Demos
FSC556 on M249 SAW
Matt Burkett shooting M249 with FSC556
Customer FSC556 Demo Video
Installation Instructions
FSC Installation
Chris Sanders "The PWS muzzle breaks are fantastic! I've never shot a .308 without being punished before but, today I went out and I could have shot it all day long (147gr). Also, the .223 is as tame as a .22LR Thanks, this will help me a great deal in 3 gun matches. "

"I love it"

Dimitri Mikroulis on Thursday, July 17, 2008 11:47:51 PM


Product Review: The control is something you have to experience. I also shot it the dark and there is almost no flash!! Best product out there.

"Great Product So good I have repaced all brakes on 3 race carbines"

Mike B on Tuesday, July 08, 2008 8:43:02 PM


Product Review: This product lived up to its claims. I liked it so much I have installed this on all three of my race guns. Improves folllow up shots, lowered my overal time.


Central Virginia Tactical on Tuesday, May 20, 2008 11:20:11 PM


Product Review: This is the finest brake I've used. Using my Eotech I'm able to keep my dot dead on the target from shot to shot. It's easy to install and the best money we've spent in along time. Vern

"Anyone with AR system needs this!"

Gene F on Monday, May 12, 2008 8:24:27 AM


Product Review: I took it out and put 100 rounds though it, WOW! I have an Endine buffer and with the break my red dot "bounces". I have to control my hold, rather than the dot coming up with the old system. Great product! I will pass it on to my friends and let them know where I got it!

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