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Phase 5 Ambi Battle Latch Charging Handle ABL\CHA Ambidextrous 5.56

Phase 5 Ambi Battle Latch Charging Handle ABL\CHA Ambidextrous 5.56

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Phase 5 Ambi Battle Latch Charging Handle ABL\CHA Ambidextrous


You could charge a rifle with this Phase 5 ABL\CHA with one arm and your booted foot!  This is the best charging handle on the market.

The Ambidextrous Battle Latch Assembly is Phase 5 Tactical’s™ charging handle designed to answer many problems that operators face with other charging handles and latches.

We have truly made this component easy to use and extremely versatile. The ABL\CHA™ can be operated even if you only have one hand.

The first problem we addressed was the old style 0.0625 diameter weak roll pin. We upgraded it to a .1875 diameter Coiled Spring Pin so that it would not fail under extreme situations and repeated abuse.

Coiled Spring Pins
are shock-absorbing fastening elements that provide flexibility, uniform strength, equal stress distribution and closer diameter tolerances. Coiled Spring Pins provide combinations of strength and flexibility to meet our specific engineering objective.

Next we designed it to be truly ambidextrous. We enhanced the assembly by designing full broad contact points for both traditional and tactical weapon manipulation. Left handed or right handed, the ABL\CHA™ guarantees a sure grip every time no matter the situation. The Charging handle was machined with the left handed shooter in mind. Not just ambidextrous, it is capable of full time left handed operation.  It has broad grip grooves for easy gloved hand operation on the right side of the handle and on the Battle Latch it self.
We continued to improve the ABL\CHA™ even further by increasing the thickness of the walls along the slide and machining some sections with radius corners instead of sharp 90 degree angles. The Combination of the Phase 5 Tactical™ Battle Latch and the Phase 5 Tactical™ Charging handle made the ultimate combination ABL\CHA™ (Ambi-Battle Latch Charging Handle Assembly).


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