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PWS EBT 7075 Enhanced Buffer Tube for AR15 AR10 HK416 416
PWS EBT 7075 Enhanced Buffer Tube for AR15 AR10 HK416 416

PWS EBT 7075 Enhanced Buffer Tube for AR15 AR10 HK416 416

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PWS EBT Enhanced Buffer Tube for AR15 AR10 HK416 416



Product Details
The design of the PWS EBT, 416, eliminates the castle nut and ensures correct indexing in a lightweight and durable package. This Mil-Spec buffer tube features a lip that extends into the receiver eliminating carrier tilt while two QD sling swivel attachments are machined into the sides. Extra-large drain holes allow for drainage of water with the rifle parallel to the ground.

Billet 7075 Aluminum
7.8 (19.8 cm)
1.15 (2.9 cm)
1.8 (4.5 cm) at QD Points
5.5oz (156 g)

"Outstanding Buffer Tube"

Mike P. on 9/8/2010 2:49:49 PM


Product Review: Your Enhanced Buffer Tube is great. It has served me well in the desert. It was very easy to replace and is a great improvement to the M4 I carried while deployed. I sincerely appreciated the great customer service, getting it shipped to me, on the other side of the world, in a timely fashion. The solid, heavy duty, aluminum construction was obvious, as soon as I took it out of the box. I liked seeing the flutes in the tube as well. I was sure this would be an asset as sand, mud and debris found their way in between the tube and stock. I was right. It made a huge difference when the weapon became covered with dirt. The stock could move in and out much easier. Great thinking. It was a breeze to install. You cannot go wrong, as the tube will ONLY line up straight when installed correctly. Anyone with basic mechanical skills can do it in a snap. If you've installed a buffer tube in the past, its that much easier. I was very happy to get it on my rifle and get rid of the castle nut, which I am never sure is secure from coming loose. I am glad PWS is forward thinking group. My cyclic rate was also noted to be slightly reduced on full auto. This, combined with a bit less felt recoil, makes my M4 a much more manageable weapon when firing quickly or on automatic. Thank you again. I look forward to seeing all that PWS has to offer soon. Respectfully, Mike P.

"Great product!"

Justin S on 9/8/2010 10:11:09 AM


Product Review: I picked up one of these about two weeks ago (thanks for the quick shipping!) and immediately set out to install it. Installation took maybe ten minutes total and most of that was trying to break the castle nut on my original tube free. Overall I think the installation is much easier than a normal tube. The PWS piece easily screwed into my LMT lower and since the retention plate doesn't have to fit in the key way you can easily push it forward to keep the safety detent spring in place the entire time. The buffer retainer install does take a little more thought than on a standard tube, but it is by no means difficult. Overall this is a very well thought out product and I will eventually replace all my tubes with them. Keep up the good work guys!

"Awesome product!"

Monte Long on 9/8/2010 9:30:55 AM


Product Review: Guys, Thanks for building this awesome product. I received the buffer tube about a week and a half ago. Installation was a breeze. I simply removed the old tube, and screwed the new tube into my lower. No problems and no issues. Just thread the tube into the receiver. The instructions (if you read them) are clearly written and easy to follow. Due to the unique design of this tube, you don't have to mess with the end plate or take down spring until the tube is almost completely installed, which makes this tube even easier to install than a milspec. Thanks again for an awesome product! I'm definitely going to tell all of my buddies this is a great way to go! ML

"Nice unit...tough installation"

Howard McCollister on 9/7/2010 8:46:40 PM


Product Review: This is a well-designed and well-finished unit. The end result, once installed is excellent, but that installation was very, very tough. It was VERY difficult to screw the buffer tube into my Noveske lower the appropriate distance, requiring that it be held in a vise/mag block and a pipe wrench on the buffer tube (yes...a pipe wrench!). Holding the end plate to keep the takedown spring compressed at the same time wasn't easy, nor was depressing the detent to finish up those last few threads. Much more of a struggle than it should have been. Certainly is a nice, albeit expensive buffer tube, but altogether a disappointing experience.

"This Buffer Tube is UNREAL!!!!"

Rob on 3/29/2010 9:45:07 PM


Product Review: Got my buffer tube and installed it on my Sabre SBR. I ran to the range and shot it with my 12" Upper. The recoil was noticeably reduced. I used it with the Spikes Tungsten Buffer and the gun ran great. I am going to have to get used to the recoil because I thought the upper " Short Stroked" on the first few rounds fired. Great product - keep them coming


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