PWS 7.5" Pistol Mk107 Mod1 7.62x39 Piston AK47 Upper for AR15
PWS 7.5' Pistol Mk107 Mod1 7.62x39 Piston AK47 Upper for AR15

PWS 7.5" Pistol Mk107 Mod1 7.62x39 Piston AK47 Upper for AR15

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PWS 7.5" Pistol Mk107 Mod1 7.62x39 Piston AK47 Upper for AR15 Lower

NOTE: THIS IS THE COMPLETE UPPER (BCG AND GUNFIGHTER CHARGING HANDLE INCLUDED). No lower or sights included. May be shipped to your door, no FFL required. NEVER PUT THIS ON A RIFLE LOWER THAT IS NOT A REGISTERED SBR!   Be aware of your LOCAL, STATE, and FEDERAL LAWS before ordering. Not for sale to HI.

Limited edition Primary Weapons Systems PWS upper allows AK reliability of the powerful 7.62x39 round with a highly adaptable AR-15 lower. The PWS MK107 (Diablo) Upper was developed specifically for CQB requirements and as a replacement option for the MP5 style weapons. The short compact design retains lethal capability out to 200 meters and has been proven highly effective in the military and law enforcement community.

Designed from the ground up to be 7 barreled Upper, the PWS MK107 (Diablo) is a dream come true for those looking for the shortest possible package with reliability of a full size Upper. The operating system, designed after the venerable AK-47, features a long stroke fixed operating rod design with an adjustable gas block, 7" handguard and free-floated barrel.

The handguard features the VLTOR KeyMod System which comes standard with two 2 sections of 1913 rail as well as a continuous 1913 top rail.

Understanding the importance of an ultra-reliable package that is light as possible, mil-spec forgings are used for the upper and lower receiver. Additional features include the BCM GUNFIGHTER charging handle.

Model Number: MK107UF0B
Action Type: Semi-automatic (Full auto available)
Caliber: 7.62x39mm
Capacity: 28 rounds (with the C Products Magazine)
Length: 23.75“
Barrel Length: 7.75” Isonite QPQ Treated
-PWS Forged Mil-Spec Upper
-PWS Isonite Treated Barrel
-PWS Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group
-PWS KeyMod Rail System
-BCMGUNFIGHTER Charging Handle

By utilizing a one piece design, the PWS piston system creates a purely gas to metal operation, rather than metal on metal contact that you may see in other designs. That, in addition to the longer dwell time from the increased mass in the Enhanced Bolt Carrier, creates a pushing action rather than a punch. This results in dramatically reduced felt recoil.

The four position adjustable gas block restricts gasses, rather than venting them from the side. This allows the unused gas to exit from the front of the gun, rather than the sides of the gas block, resulting in a more quiet operation.
Utilizing only the highest quality chromoly barrel blanks, PWS .223 and 300BLK MK1 barrels are turned in house then Isonite QPQ® treated for increased surface hardness and corrosion resistance.

Our barrels are designed with a heavier profile that increases longevity and accuracy, creating a balance between weight savings and sustained durability.
PWS bolt carrier groups are machined from tool steel at strict tolerances, then Nickel Teflon coated for durability and to reduce friction.

Features an increased carrier mass to extend dwell time and delay unlock. As a result the PWS bolt carrier group allows chamber pressure to be greatly reduced for easier extraction.

Gaps and channels between skid pads allow for fewer points of contact. This results in less friction and keeps debris from interfering with function.

The PWS bolt system is Nickel Teflon coated. It features a small assist spring for system assembly.


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