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Muzzle Devices

Muzzle Devices are highly engineered tools designed for one or more purposes. While most devices have more than one functional ability, we categorize the device based upon what it is best at, unless it's specifically designed as a multi role 'Hybrid'. Grading is Proprietary and done with a Standard 16" M4 DI Carbine AR-15. Copyright HiderHeaven.com. All Rights Reserved.




The best flash hider is NOT the best muzzle brake. Having a selection of muzzle devices allows you to have a flexible "toolbox" of choices for your situational needs without requiring a specialized weapon. Each device we carry is CATEGORIZED and RATED to make choosing the "perfect" device EASY! We also have one device in each category with our special “Bang for the Buck” Identifier, this establishes our Staff Choice for BEST VALUE and performance in each class.


Flash Hider - A flash hider (also known as flash suppressor), prioritizes design to vent gases in a manner which mixes leftover powder in the surrounding air in a manner to greatly reduce or eliminate muzzle flash. This preserves the shooter's night vision, reduces optical obstruction via blast, and is also tactically essential in concealing the shooter’s position.

Muzzle Brake - A muzzle brake is designed to reduce recoil on the shooter's shoulder. These devices redirect high pressure gases to the side, the rear, or a combination to achieve better weapon control and comfort while shooting. Muzzle brakes are also helpful for competitive shooting by allowing faster multi target acquisitions and improved follow up shot accuracy. These devices are particularly useful on larger calibers like the Barrett M82.

Muzzle Compensator - A compensator is essential to competitive shooting and is designed primarily to improve follow up shot accuracy by reducing muzzle rise (also known as muzzle climb). This rise reduction is achieved by directing gases from the muzzle upward. Reduced muzzle climb means the weapon is kept closer on target after firing and accurate follow up shots are easier to achieve. Since overall control of the weapon is increased, muzzle compensators make accurate rapid shooting much easier to accomplish.

Linear Compensator - Think "Buddy Friendly". Linear Muzzle Devices are a specialized type of compensator. They are specifically designed to redirect gasses and pressure in a forward direction for the purpose of reducing perceived sound and concussion from the sides of the shooter. Your range mates will thank you. While they do not typically reduce noise, flash, or recoil, their forward projection design reduces side concussion and decibels. This is particularly useful on the range, in Close Quarter Battle (CQB) situations, and in urban environments to help shield fellow shooters from blast effects. These devices are particularly useful on short barrel and pistol builds where blast is most pronounced and directed "toward the enemy".

Hybrid - Hybrid devices try to hit the sweet spot between enhancing weapon control through both recoil and muzzle rise reduction, while also reducing muzzle flash. They are highly advanced devices that are not "Best in Class" at any one category, but in whole provide a compromised solution with across the board improvements. This device type can best be compared to a Touring Tire on a car.

Bare - Bare Devices are typically designed for barrel extension, thread protection or artistic effect. These devices may be permanently attached to lengthen a short barrel to legal 16” Non-SBR length where appropriate. They also protect the threading on a barrel. Lastly, they may be less expensive 'mock' devices to give a desired weapon look without the price or functionality of other regulated devices such as sound suppressors. Similar functionality to having nothing on the barrel muzzle.

Ratings Range from 0 to 9 Best:

  1. FLASH Reduction (aka Flash Hider)
  2. RECOIL Reduction (aka Muzzle Brake)
  3. SIDE BLAST Reduction (aka Linear Compensator to Project Blast Forward)
  4. RISE Reduction (aka Muzzle Compensator)
Side Blast
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BattleComp 2.1 SCV Black Oxide Battle Comp AR15 AR-15
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DPMS Miculek AR15 Brake Compensator Comp
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Noveske KX3 Flash Suppressor Flaming Pig
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LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brake Compensator AR15 5.56
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