Magpul UBR - Utility/Battle Rifle Stock MAG330
Magpul UBR - Utility/Battle Rifle Stock MAG330

Magpul UBR - Utility/Battle Rifle Stock MAG330

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UBR - Utility/Battle Rifle Stock



UBR™ Collapsible Buttstock

The Magpul® UBR™ (Utility / Battle Rifle), U.S. Patent 6651371, is a fully-featured, adjustable butt stock for the AR15 / M16, M4 Carbine, or AR10. Unlike typical collapsing stocks, this modular design offers the stability of a fixed stock with consistent cheek weld in any position. Seven-position length-of-pull (LOP) adjustment is quickly executed with gross motor movement while the integral preset system allows direct access to a preferred position. A robust lock mechanism and multi-shell construction increase durability under severe impact conditions experienced during malfunction clearing and accommodates large-bore AR calibers. The UBR™ also provides extra counterbalance weight to improve handling on full-length rifles and weapons with muzzle-heavy accessories or grenade launchers. Optional components such as dual-side sling mounts and metal strike plate allow the UBR™ to adapt to the mission at hand.


Note: The UBR™ includes the necessary Entry Receiver Extension tube and all mounting hardware. An M4 Carbine Buffer and Spring are required for use with the UBR™ and are not included unless added.


OPTIONAL UPGRADE: Add Carbine Milspec Buffer and Quiet Chrome Spring


Made in USA



Ø     Mounts on durable Entry Receiver Extension tube (Included)

Ø     7-Position LOP adjustability with customizable preset system for fast access to preferred length

Ø     Multi-shell construction provides solid foundation and shields critical operating parts from penetration damage

Ø     Solid “fixed stock” lockup in all positions

Ø     Enhanced lock mechanism w/ impact buffer increases drop strength and shock reduction 

Ø     Repositionable cheek piece accommodates users requiring extra eye-relief

Ø     Stout construction provides counterbalance weight for improved weapon balance and handling

Ø     Sling Mounts

o      Front / Rear - Single-side push-button QD sling mounts (Left-Right Reversible)

o      Bottom - 1.25" Sling loop


Included Accessories*

Ø     Storage Module (Left-Right Reversible / Removable)

Ø     Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.30” (Removable)


Optional Accessories*

Ø     Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.55”

Ø     Aluminum Strike Plate w/ 1.25" sling loop

Ø     Dual-side push-button QD Sling Mount Sockets

Ø     AR10 / SR25 Buffer and Spring (For Armalite AR10 and KAC SR-25 type rifles)



Ø     UBR™ Stock (w/ Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.30”)

o      Weight, w/ Entry Receiver Extension: 1.56 lb.

o      Length, Stock: 8.00-11.30 in.

o      LOP Adjustment: 7-Position (0.56 in. / position)

o      LOP Adjustment Range: 3.3 in.

o      LOP, Collapsed (M4/M16): 10.9 in.

o      LOP, Extended (M4/M16): 14.2 in.


* Removing Standard Rubber Butt-Pad subtracts 0.30 in. LOP and 0.09 lb. Optional Extended Rubber Butt-Pad, 0.55” adds 0.25 in. LOP and 0.02 lb. vs. standard pad. Butt-pads are compatible with UBR™, ACS™, CTR™ and MOE™ carbine stocks.


** Specifications based on factory configuration


This item or some of its components cannot be exported from the United States of America without a valid export permit from the U.S. State Dept. Unfortunately, this also includes APO addresses due to ITAR restrictions.

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