MFI Special Operations Flashlight
MFI Special Operations Flashlight

MFI Special Operations Flashlight

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MFI Spec. Ops. Tactical Weapons Flashlight: ( 125 Lumens )

 Spec. Ops. Blindingly Bright Tactical Flashlight:

Pictured above is an actual MFI photo of the Special Operations Tactical Flashlight family / options.

Almost every weapon at MFI has one of these flashlights on it. We see the true application of these and feel that everyone's weapon should have a flashlight mounted on it. By far the best weapons flashlight on the market especially at this price.

We currently have these in the supply chains for all Theaters of Combat Operations including: Iraq and Afghanistan not to forget Law Enforcement / SWAT Teams and Private Military Contracts like BLACKWATER throughout the world. So if your Supply Officer does not have any we can sell them directly to you.

As with all the products that MFI sells we have searched the world over to locate the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our Special Operations Flashlight is a good example of this. We are so confident of this item that we wish we actually made these ourselves. All the required features that a real world operator needs to complete even the most demanding mission.

The Spec. Ops Tactically Bright Flashlight is LESS EXPENSIVE and has a LONGER BULB BURN TIME than any other weapons flashlight (same configuration) on the market today. The SOTF Light has many of the same features of the TACMIII, Streamlight, M3 or M6 Insight Technologies and Surefire Flashlights: Waterproof to 1 meter, Built in Recoil Buffer for Full Automatic Weapons Fire, Shock resistant, etc.

Here is where the SOTF Light Supersedes the Competition:


  • Less costly for the entire Light as well as Spare Parts.


  • Up to 25-26 hours of constant light use. This means 10 times the hours for TACMIII or Surefire Universal Weapons Lights.


  • Wider Beam (TEN TIMES that of the TACMIII) with Lower Wattage gives you more of a SEMI SPOT-FLOOD LIGHT effect rather than a Super Tight Spot Light effect for the competitors lights. The SOTF light is rated at 125 lumens. Which makes it as bright as the Surefire @ $195.00. The light from the SOTF is like the TACMIII meaning that is very white as apposed to other lights that have a yellow cast to them. So if you are in a CQB situation (target within 100 yards) where you want a lot more flood effect this may be a more applicable choice.


In the above photo you will see the Pressure Pad Activation Model.

The Pressure Pad Activation has a COMPLETELY SILENT PRESSURE PAD this is also a MOMENTARY SWITCH which means that constant pressure on the pad must be maintained in order for the light to stay on. The momentary switch allows convenient positioning for activation on forward grips or hand guards. It comes with pressure sensitive adhesive Velcro to mount to almost any surface. This light can be mounted via a 1" Ring (as shown above) to any RAS, RIS, Weaver or Picatinny Rail System. This means that you can quickly move your light from one weapons platform to another in a matter of minutes depending on mission requirements.



  • MAIN BODY / TUBE: Heavy duty 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum alloy. 1" Diameter tube so this will fit in any standard 1" Scope Ring and then to any RIS / RAIL System.


  • Over all Length: 5.80 Inches / 147mm


  • Outer Diameter: Head 1.42 inches / 36mm


  • Lens: 25.6mm / 1.01 inches


  • Weight: 6.2oz / 178.60 grams (with batteries)


  • Waterproof to 1 meter.

    LIGHT ACTIVATION: Pressure Pad with Cord


    • Extension Cord / Pressure Pad: 9" Cord with 2.5" Pad (Total Silent) MFI specially orders the longer cord length to accommodate use on SMGs and Assault Rifles with RIS, Vertical Grips or Barrel Mounts. Velcro for pad to weapon.



  • Bulb: A super bright Halogen bulb supplies maximum performance with preferred extended life. Bulb Burn Time is about 25-26 Hours. Compare to Surefire @ 3.5 hours and TACMIII @ 2.5 Hours. Obviously the brighter the light the shorter the life. Surefire replacement bulbs are $45.00+. Our replacement bulbs are as low as $19.00.


  • Candle Power / Lumens: Rated at 125Lm / 38,500+ Candle power. Which means this is a blinding beam at 30 feet. Which means this is still a blinding beam at 40 feet. Again in a real world application we feel that NOT everyone needs to give the subject in front of the light a sun tan. The object is to see what is in front of you and make a CLEAR IDENTIFICATION.


  • Shock resistant designed for use on Class II & III weapons from 9mm to 308.


  • Power Supply: Batteries are 3v lithium 123A X 2. NOT INCLUDED.


  • Offensive Lens Ring: Used to gouge / poke an aggressor.


  • Rubber Grommets: Added for better grip in adverse weather or situations.


Again in a real world application we feel that NOT everyone needs to give the subject in front of the light a sun tan. The object is to see what is in front of you and make a CLEAR IDENTIFICATION.




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