LitraTorch Military Grade 2200 Lumen LED Utility Light by Litra
LitraTorch Military Grade 2200 Lumen LED Utility Light by Litra

LitraTorch Military Grade 2200 Lumen LED Utility Light by Litra

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LitraTorch an Epic Little Light!

Their motto is "Studio Lighting in your Pocket" and I use this fantastic, rechargeable little powerhouse all the time. It connects to standard USB for Lithium Ion battery charging, is Ultra Durable (810G Mil-Spec, Waterproof up to 30ft/10m), Long Lasting (up to 4 hours), and the Embedded Magnetic Rear is super useful for mounting anywhere! You will feel the build quality immediately. This is the Ultimate Compact Lighting Solution for Utility, Emergency and Adventures. Award-winning and delivering PRO-GRADE Lighting. Fits in GoPro Sessions Cage. Intelligent Thermal Management. Blended Lux Beam/No Center Hotspot!

World's Most Versatile Light

The award winning LitraTorch features 5700 daylight temperature in an ultrabright LED utility light. The quality of light meets the premium standards that photographers and videographers look for in continuous lighting. The Waterproof, rugged, compact 1.5"x1.5" all aluminum design provides 800 lumen of continuous, high quality light - portable studio lighting that fits in your pocket. For use with DSLR, Video, Smartphone, Action Cameras, Point and Shoot Cameras, Studio.

Leading in Color Fidelity

Our compact lighting solutions deliver a beautifully colorful world, as it's intended to be seen, avoiding the pitfalls of the typical blue LED lights, bragging of 90+ color rendering indexes.

Unmatched Brightness

And bright we are. Litra lights deliver 800 lumen of continuous, flicker free lighting, with no hot spots and no harsh edges, smooth, quality light.

Strongest Build in the Market

Our lights are built to be used as "Studio Lighting in Your Pocket." That means that they are designed with military grade construction, waterproof, and feature multiple mounting points to help you get the perfect lighting no matter the location.

Limitless Applications

Professional Grade and Compact for Every Occasion

Professionals-DSLR, remote studios, running-gun shots, on-location interviews, all with professional grade lighting.

Self-Documentaries-Vloggers, selfies, web conferences, better family pictures and videos are one light away.

Action Sports-Fast, adrenaline-filled, needing a compact light packing a punch and built for every adventure.

Drones-Take it to the skies for light paintings, aerial spotlights, using magnet free lights to light the way.

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