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LMT Lewis Machine & Tool Enhanced M16 Bolt Carrier Group 5.56 L7Q3 Full BCG

LMT Lewis Machine & Tool Enhanced M16 Bolt Carrier Group 5.56 L7Q3 Full BCG

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LMT Enhanced M16 Bolt Carrier Group 5.56 L7Q3 Full BCG

If you are looking for the best in performance an reliability, check out the LMT Enhanced Bolt Carrier and Enhanced Bolt.  The L7Q3 (Full body M16 model) includes both our enhanced carrier which incorporate a longer dwell time allowing barrel pressure to be greatly reduced and promoting easier extraction, and our enhanced bolt which has a more resilient "easy clean" coating and stronger heat treat, as well as the cartridge case being fully supported by the bolt face.

LMT BCG's include a HPT/MP tested bolt and Crane O-Ring

The Bolt Carrier features a third port for venting gas, as well as a bolt with split lugs to reduce stress. The Bolt also uses a dual spring setup, and is chrome plated.

LMT's branded product line was developed primarily for the US Government / Professional Market. The civilian market is a secondary benefactor to this program. As such the QC standards and priorities (and features) are very different than that of a commercial market AR15 manufacturer. To the very overwhelming majority of shooters, this is a huge plus in the LMT column. It makes their product and extremely attractive option for a civilian shooter looking for a higher standard of product.

With the primary focus being a quality standard for GI sales, there are some noteworthy differences in the product as you receive it. Specific to the LMT Bolt Carrier Groups (BCGs); they ALL come extensively test fired from the factory. As such, every single real LMT BCG on the market will have significant brass, significant carbon, and significant powder residue on the group.   Regarding the utility of the BCG (everything LMT builds is focused on utility); this is a very very good thing.


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