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KynSHOT Recoil Reducing Hydraulic Buffer AR15 Carbine AR15 223
KynSHOT Recoil Reducing Hydraulic Buffer AR15 Carbine AR15 223

KynSHOT Recoil Reducing Hydraulic Buffer AR15 Carbine AR15 223

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AR Recoil Reducing KynSHOT Hydraulic Carbine Buffer AR-15 AR15 by Kyntec Corp.

Tames Felt Recoil & Suppresses Bolt Bounce For Maximum Reliability, Accuracy & Service Life

Seldom do you find an AR-15 product that's so simple to install, yet offers the many advantages this buffer delivers. Reduce wear and tear, cut down on shoulder fatigue and get and stay on target quicker. Reduced rate of fire conserves ammunition while improving accuracy. KynSHOT hydraulic recoil dampers install quickly, replacing the standard mass and spring buffer technologies that are currently available. These buffers are designed for Law Enforcement, Sportsmen, and Competitive Shooters alike. Robust stainless steel construction provides maximum corrosion resistance for use in wet or maritime environments.

Easy and economical solution to manage recoil and rate of fire in full- or semi-automatic modes of fire, while improving the overall reliability of your AR-15. Each stainless steel buffer assembly features a sealed hydraulic cylinder with a high-impact striker cap and smooth running, nickel-plated cylinder rod all of which work in unison with your factory recoil spring to cushion carrier impact, lessen felt recoil, and minimize the overall beating your rifle and optics endure when shooting. You also get better accuracy and significantly reduced muzzle rise to maintain efficient target acquisition during rapid fire maneuvers. These benefits are amplified with short-barreled carbines. For rate of fire reduction, nothing works better “Tested by the U.S. Army and proven to drop cyclic rates from 900 rounds per minute to 650-700! AR-15 Collapsible fits rifles with M4-type collapsible buttstock. AR-15 Fixed fits rifles with fixed A1/A2-type stock. AR-.308 Standard Collapsible fits collapsible stock ArmaLite® AR-10® and other AR-style .308 rifles with 3.5" recoil buffer. AR-.308 Shorty Collapsible fits collapsible stock DPMS Panther LR-308 carbine and other AR-style .308 rifles with 2.5" recoil buffer. AR-.308 Fixed fits ArmaLite® AR-10® and other AR-style .308 riles with fixed A2-style stock and full-length rifle buffer EXCEPT ROCK RIVER ARMS AND BUSHMASTER.


The Final Review of the KynShot RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper

As a long time shooter and instructor of military, law enforcement, hunters and civilian firearms shooters, I must say that I was impressed by the construction and design of the KynShot Precision Recoil Damper system. I feel very confident that their product or products will maintain a high performance standard throughout the lifetime of its repeated use. Kyntec's tactically sound engineering, machining and construction methods used in the manufacturing of this RB5000 were found to be quite durable and were proven in use, as found throughout my field tests, evaluations and reviews. The RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper offers reliably efficient performance and dependable worry free operation. They offer a guarantee of 10 Years -1 Million Rounds, is more than worth the investment. As a customer, vendor or future investor of these products, having confidence in a company, and in a product manufactured by Kyntec, will go a long way in having and maintaining satisfied and repeat customers for a long time to come.

Here is my take (and my responses) on their marketing of this product, as displayed on their product packaging. This product markets and advertises that the RB5000 Precision Recoil Damper Reduces Kick & Muzzle Flip and that it Improves;

Accuracy Yes

Clustering Yes

Dependability Yes

Shoulder Flinching Yes

Felt Recoil Yes

Service Life Yes

About The Author and Reviewer: DAN MEADOWS

Dan Meadows is the CEO and Owner of the TAP3X Group of Companies. He is known as "The Shooting Whisperer" for his abilities to guide, teach and to train all shooters (firearms and bow) on how to "Put It On Target". Dan is the Host of “Put it On Target Radio and Put It On Target TV. Dan is also a Broker for the Put It On Target Sportsman Adventures, a member of the DK Outdoor Adventures Network. Dan has over 48 years experience in firearms and hunting and over 40 years experience in archery.

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