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JP Enterprises EZ Drop In Trigger System AR15 AR10 Single Stage
JP Enterprises EZ Drop In Trigger System AR15 AR10 Single Stage

JP Enterprises EZ Drop In Trigger System AR15 AR10 Single Stage

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JP Enterprises EZ Drop In Trigger System AR15 AR10 Single Stage Fire Control Package for
.154 Small Pin Receivers

Highly regarded amongst competitive shooters, the JP EZ Trigger is arguably the finest drop in fire control kit.

JP Fire Control Kits have long been the benchmark for all single-stage AR triggers in terms of precision, reliability, durability, safety and longevity in the market. Now, we have combined the versatility of our component parts with the convenience of a module in the new JP EZ Trigger™. In the past, JP has designed and marketed a high-tech single-stage module as part of our ongoing pursuit of improvements to the AR-15 platform. However, we soon felt that we could offer better value for the dollar and improved overall performance and versatility with a complete evolution of the proven JP Fire Control System. This innovative new trigger can be installed in about five minutes without any gunsmith fitting or modification of parts. It really is the best of all worlds—a superb trigger job on par with our own professional in-house installation, the speed and ease of a module and the versatility of a components trigger.

Unlike other firearms that were designed from the ground up to incorporate modular fire control packs, the AR-15 and AR-10 platforms were never designed to work with such modules. The possible runout in trigger/hammer pin hole locations and safety selector position on receivers made by countless manufacturers can cause potential compatibility and even safety concerns.

The module always represented a compromise in some respect. We’ve come to believe that most modules are not suitable for anything other than recreational or competition applications, particularly since you can’t optimize a module for a specific application. Moreover, modules simply do not have an extended track record for reliability, and many have been recalled for reliability or safety issues.

The new JP EZ Trigger™ represents the best performance value and strikes the best combination of safety, performance, value and mission-specific versatility.

Includes trigger, speed hammer, oversize anti-walk pins, adjustable/reversible selector and our standard array of fire control springs: yellow reduced power trigger spring, both yellow and red reduced power hammer springs.

Spring Selection Guide:

    The yellow/yellow combination may be used for competition and various recreational applications with hand loads or domestic-manufactured, non-military ammunition. It will result in a release weight in the 3.0-3.5 lb. range on most receivers.
    Enhanced Ignition Reliability
    The yellow trigger spring combined with the red hammer spring will yield a release weight of 3.5-4.0 lbs. on most receivers and offers increased reliability for (5.56 NATO) or foreign-manufactured ammo with low sensitivity primers. The yellow-red springs must be used for any large-frame AR installation to ensure 100% ignition reliability. This is also the minimum acceptable combination for tactical duty (LE) installations and should be used only with domestic-manufactured ammo in this application.
    The tactical spring set includes a full powers (grey) hammer spring (purchased separately) and yellow trigger spring. It may be required for agencies that mandate a trigger release weight of over 4 lbs. This set up also insures 100% ignition reliability on both AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles.
    To meet NRA Service Rifle Competition rules of a 4.5 lb. release weight, the CMP spring set (purchased separately) includes the full-power hammer spring and a custom trigger return spring, which will allow you to tune to a release weight just over 4.5 pounds to lift the NRA weights.

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