J-Tac47 Primary Weapons AK-47 Tactical Compensator JTAC47
J-Tac47 Primary Weapons AK-47 Tactical Compensator JTAC47

J-Tac47 Primary Weapons AK-47 Tactical Compensator JTAC47

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A highly effective recoil compensator for the the AK-47 in 7.62x39.



Product Details

PWS has developed a recoil compensator that not only lessens the recoil of your AK47, but does so without a significant increase in blast noise directed toward the shooter or individuals next to the shooter.
A high heat polymer washer is included for those needing to add a spacer between the front sight base and the compensator.  This polymer ring is heat resistant up to 900 degrees. 
This unit is 1.95" in length and .875" in diameter and is threaded 14x1 LH.
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Mr. B on Friday, November 07, 2008 4:34:43 PM


Product Review: I have owned a J-TAC47 for almost two years and it truly does work as advertised. I use it on my SAR-1 Romanian AKM clone and it really does reduce recoil significantly. Paired with a Blackjack recoil buffer, and a Tapco T6 'M4 style' stock, My AK now has less recoil than an AR15!!! I was shooting a friend's AR15 (16.5" barrel, M4 style) and it had more muzzle rise and recoil than my AK!!! PWS has the real deal. I am very happy and can't even wait to try the FSC47. Muzzle blast is not nearly as ... More details

"J-Tac47 - 7.62x39 Compensator"

Jerry G. on Friday, May 30, 2008 7:44:19 AM


Product Review: While using the J-Tac47 compensator along with my Enidine tube buffer on the CAR stock w/buttpad/cheek pad and a recoil buffer on the internal spring/reciever have nearly completely negated the recoil effects of my MAK-90! Follow up shots are much quicker and the gun at best jumps up very little now after a shot. Felt recoil is almost non-existant. Thanks PWS!!!


zed carpenter on Friday, May 16, 2008 7:43:31 PM


Product Review: I bought a j tac47 for my ak-47 and wow it was such a big difference. it even helped my accuracy but make sure to wear earplugs it blows right back at you. well worth the money.

"Great Service!"

Maxwell on Monday, April 28, 2008 3:08:31 PM


Product Review: I bought the J Tac for my AK47 and after finding out i had 1/2x28 threads and not the 14 mm metric i wrote to primary weopens of my troubles and they sent me the right one no problem. Iloved my J tac and the service i got so much i bought the DNTC for my AR 15 and my sisters and we are both very pleased.

"Worth the money!"

GreenSide on Wednesday, April 16, 2008 7:11:47 PM


Product Review: I have two of these suckers and they work like a charm. I put them on my Yugo AK's and my accuracy was significantly inceased at a 100 yards! I did not get any washers when I ordered mine; they must be a new addition to the kit.

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