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HABU Falcon Advanced Engagement Charging Handle AECH Falcon37
HABU Falcon Advanced Engagement Charging Handle AECH Falcon37

HABU Falcon Advanced Engagement Charging Handle AECH Falcon37

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HABU Falcon Advanced Engagement Charging Handle AECH Falcon37


When Speed and Accuracy Count!
US Patent # D787,625 S Machined from 7075-T6 Aluminum - Heavy Duty Black Hard Coat Anodized Matte Black Per MIL-A-8625A Type 3 Class 2.

  • Ambidextrous Charging - The Falcon 37 can be used right or left handed, same movement for obstacles/barricades.
  • Racks like a Pistol Slide, off/non dominant hand over the top, charge, release
  • Smoother to Operate
  • Requires only Major Motor Skills, critical under extreme stress
  • No reaching under optics that extend over the charging handle.
  • Patent Pending latch eliminates latch release
  • Diverts gas away from shooters face even while using suppressors
  • Two positions available for optic used and eye relief of shooter
  • Fully Adjustable in the field
  • Faster malfunction clearing than regular and enhanced charging handles
  • Faster bringing optic to bear against target with proper cheek weld
Now Available for DPMS .308 Pattern

The small, awkward-to-manipulate charging handle is often considered one of the weak points in the overall design of AR-style rifles, and the market has developed a number of enhanced add-ons designed to improve upon the original. The HABU Mod 2 .308 Charging Handle makes it easier than ever to rack your rifle, all while providing an added extra.

The design of the HABU Mod 2 .308 Charging Handle runs along the top of the stock comb, allowing users to use a full grip from their support hand to charge the gun. When not in use as a charging handle, the design functions as a comfortable cheek rest, allowing for users to rest their face higher up on the stock to be more in-line with mounted optics.

Black finish
Fully ambidextrous
Handle milled from 7075-T6 aluminum
Riser section molded from durable polymer
The HABU Mod 2 .308 Charging Handle's cheek-riser section is fully adjustable, allowing owners to customize the placement to their personal preference

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