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GG&G Accucam Quick Detach Aimpoint Cantilever Repeatable GGG
GG&G Accucam Quick Detach Aimpoint Cantilever Repeatable GGG

GG&G Accucam Quick Detach Aimpoint Cantilever Repeatable GGG

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Accucam Quick Detach Aimpoint Cantilever Ring Fast And Repeatable


Important Aimpoint CompM2, ML2 and M3 Mounting Considerations:
Do to the Accucam mounting mechanism being located on the non-ejection port side of most weapons, the battery/brightness control mechanism of the Aimpoint will be located at the 10:00 o'clock position as shown in the above image (non-ejection port side), instead of the 2:00 o'clock position (ejection port side). This allows a right handed shooter to easily operate the Accucam QD mechanism and the brightness control knob with the off hand instead of the fire control hand. The windage and elevation adjustments are also rotated.

Important Aimpoint CompM3 Rubber Cover Consideration:

If you intend to use the rubber cover included with your Aimpoint CompM3, it will need to be modified to fit with the Accucam QD Aimpoint Cantilever Mount.

Product Description:
Many of you have asked us to develop a quick detach system for our combat tested Aimpoint Cantilever Ring. With the development of our Accucam Quick Detach Locking Lever System we are now able to fill those requests. The new Accucam Quick Detach Aimpoint Cantilever Ring has the same robust features as our original Aimpoint Cantilever Ring. The body is manufactured from solid billet 6061 T6 aluminum and six cap screws firmly hold the Aimpoint in place. Also, a spare battery is kept handy in an insulated capped waterproof compartment.

The Accucam QD Locking Lever System provides you with a solid method to quickly install or remove your Aimpoint mount from the weapon system. The Aimpoint can quickly be installed on a dovetail rail in seconds by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the locked position. It can then be quickly removed by rotating the Accucam Cam Lever to the unlocked position. It is fully adjustable to fit Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 dovetails. The unique design allows you to adjust the tension to accommodate out of spec or worn dovetails. Not recommended for .50 BMG or lightweight machine guns.

In tests, the Accucam Locking Lever System has shown to be repeatable to 1/2 MOA. The unique finger loop design is easily operated, even with a gloved hand and the rounded design is ergonomic and virtually snag-proof. The Accucam mechanism is manufactured from solid billet 4140 steel and manganese phosphated black to mil-spec.

GG&G Aimpoint accessories, cantilever mounts, and rings are made in the USA at our Tucson, Arizona factory. Scope mounts and mounting rings for tactical environments have to be made of top-grade material and machined to the finest tolerances, so they can perform in combat and police situations. Our components for Aimpoint, like the QD Cantilever Ring, are designed to enhance the trusted capabilities of Aimpoint's scope while giving more options to the AR-15 and M-16 operator.


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