GGG-1286 AR-15 Modular Forearm GG&G Quad Rail AR15
GGG-1286 AR-15 Modular Forearm GG&G Quad Rail AR15

GGG-1286 AR-15 Modular Forearm GG&G Quad Rail AR15

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  • Authorized GG&G Distributor. FULL WARRANTY.
  • Maximize Tactical Flexibililty with Ability to Place Rails at any 45 Degree Position (9 locations).
  • Feature Packed with 13 Rails and Panels Included for Maximum Customization!
  • Easily installs with NO GUNSMITHING in approximately ten minutes.
  • 6061 T6 Billet Aluminum Hard Coat Anodized Matte Black per Mil-Spec.
  • Proprietary Mounting Method Provides Rock Solid Accessory Platform.
  • Allows Carry Handle AR Models to Co-Witness an Eotech with Iron Sights.

The new GG&G Tactical Modular Forearm For AR-15 Full Length Rifles has the same great features found in their other Tactical Modular Forearms.  This one is specifically manufactured for the rifle variants of the AR, and is built to Maximize Tactical Flexibility.  The  GG&G Tactical Modular Forearm For AR Rifles is the most user accommodating non-free floating tactical forearm in the world today.  It is easily installed on flat top rifle length barrels also including A2 carry handle configurations.  All that is required to install this rugged lightweight forearm is the removal of the existing polymer forearm pieces.  The two halves of the Tactical Modular Forearm frame are installed beneath the delta ring onto the barrel nut with a rigid proprietary attachment method.  NO MORE FOREARM WIGGLE and a SOLID ACCESSORY MOUNTING PLATFORM.  The front of the forearm is installed under the handguard cap.  This innovative attachment method provides a rock solid attachment, and does not require removal of the front sight or the muzzle brake.  Once installed the GG&G Tactical Modular Forearm is ready to be outfitted with the rails and forearm panels installed in the locations that best suit your accessories, mission requirements and shooting style.  The unique design of this forearm and rail system allow the end user to easily place rails and forearm panels at ALL 45 DEGREE POSITIONS (9 POSITIONS AS OPPOSED TO TRADITIONAL QUAD RAIL FOUR POSITIONS!).

An added benefit of the GG&G Tactical Modular Forearm is that when installed on an A2 style carry handle variant, and an EOTECH HOLOSIGHT is mounted on the forearm, the shooter can co-witness the factory A2 iron sights in the carry handle with the EOTECH.  Virtually all red dot sights are capable of being co-witnessed with a back up iron sight, such as the GG&G A2 and MAD BUIS,  when the GG&G Tactical Modular Forearm is used with a flat top variant. 

(1) basic forearm assembly
(1) full length rail
(2) half-top and bottom rails (two halves installed end to end make a full rail)
(2) half bottom forearm panels (two halves installed end to end make a full forearm panel)
(3) 1/3 length side rails
(1) 1/3 length offset side rail (ambidextrous design), and
(4) 1/3 length side forearm panels. 
The kit also includes a torx wrench.  If by chance you need an additional rail or forearm panel, they are available as an option.
The major components of the GG&G Tactical Modular Forearm For Rifles are manufactured from lightweight and strong 6061 T6 billet aluminum and are hard-coat anodized matte black per mil-spec.  This process provides a non-reflective and extremely durable finish.  The forearm panels are manufactured from solid acetal cold polymer.  Besides being rugged, the side panels provide a heat resistant surface for hand placement.   All attachment points are tough stainless steel helicoils and torx screws. 
As with all GG&G products, this is 100% American made by individuals proud to be Americans

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