Diamondhead Premium DIAMOND Flip-Up Front Combat Sight SOG AR15

Diamondhead Premium DIAMOND Flip-Up Front Combat Sight SOG AR15

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Diamondhead Premium DIAMOND Flip-Up Front Combat Sight SOG AR15



Diamondhead’s Premium DIAMOND Flip-Up Front Sight’s unique Diamond-Shaped Housing™ (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) allows for faster alignment,  especially  when  integrated with the Diamondhead®  Premium DIAMOND Flip-Up Rear Combat Sight™ and the rear sight’s (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped Aperture™ The revolutionary design of the front housing creates a lightning-fast alignment of the front sight post in the center of the rear aperture.  Works with Diamondhead (Receiver Height) Gas Block.
  • Proprietary (Pat. & Pat. Pend.) Diamond-Shaped Housing™ frames & centers the target with speed and ease
  • Flips up quickly for rapid deployment
  • Folds down with the push of a button
  • Locking system ensures sight stays up securely and remains zeroed in combat situations
  • Secure and accurate elevation adjustment
  • Easy installation with proprietary clamping system, providing secure attachment to all Mil. Std. 1913 Picatinny Rails
  • Standard A2 Front Sight posts (also available with Tritium A2 Front Sight Posts)
  • Works with Diamondhead (Receiver Height) Gas Block.
  • Diamondhead® Premium DIAMOND Flip-Up Front, Rear and Auto-Ranger™ sights are designed to work together to create the (Pat. Pend.) Diamondhead® Integrated Sighting System™
  • Mil. Spec. stainless steel and Type 111 black anodized 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum construction
  • Combat Durable


During high speed, high stress shooting, your eye needs reference points. The Diamondhead™ provides them. The conventional round aperture makes shooting at longer distances difficult and inaccurate. Remember, rear sights are blurry during aiming. The simple fact is that it is easier for your eye to find the exact center of a blurry diamond than the exact center of a blurry circle. It is even easier and quicker for the eye to find the exact center of a Diamondhead™ rear sight’s aperture with the added posts at the corner of the diamond. These proprietary reference posts are unique to the Diamondhead™ sight and are not found on any other iron sight. The other main reason the Diamondhead™ (Pat.) diamond shaped aperture is better than a conventional round aperture is because round apertures don’t give you a truly ROUND picture of the front sight and target. The front sight tower of your rifle obscures the bottom portion of the conventional rear sight round aperture. This causes the the bottom part of the round aperture to be flattened – not round. The result is that it is hard for your eye to quickly make an accurate decision about how high up in this flattened circle is the exact center. Take a look at your own sights and you’ll see. The 3:00 o’clock and 9:00 o’clock corners of the Diamondhead™ aperture combined with the added accuracy of the reference posts, completely eliminate this problem. When used in combination with the Diamondhead Premium Flip-Up Front Combat Sight™ and the Diamondhead Premium Flip-Up Front “Auto-Ranger” Combat Sight™, you’ll always have a clear reference for considerably more accurate target acquisition.


5 STARS - Awesome product     January 26, 2010

Reviewer: Kevin Louk from Beaver Falls, PA United States      
Awesome product

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