CMMG Gas Piston Conversion Clamp-on Carbine Length .750 Barrel
CMMG Gas Piston Conversion Clamp-on Carbine Length .750 Barrel

CMMG Gas Piston Conversion Clamp-on Carbine Length .750 Barrel

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CMMG Carbine Length Gas Piston Conversion .750 Barrel





Makes Rifle Run Cooler, Cleaner, Smoother For Improved Function, Reduced Recoil & Less Frequent Cleaning

Drop-in conversion kit contains everything needed to replace the standard gas system on a AR-15/M16/M4 carbine with a reliable, positive cycling direct impingement gas piston system. Updates AR to the type of operating system used on advanced weapons like the FN SCAR, Heckler & Koch G36, and HK416, as well as the highly reliable, classic FAL and AK-series rifles. Makes weapon run cooler, smoother, and more reliably, with less wear and easier maintenance. Because the gas no longer vents inside the receiver, fouling and carbon buildup are greatly reduced, requiring less frequent disassembly of the receiver for cleaning. Less fouling and lower operating temperatures mean substantially reduced wear on bolt, carrier, and receiver interior for fewer malfunctions caused by worn parts. Piston’s cushioning effect reduces felt recoil to help you stay on target for better control during rapid fire and fast, accurate follow-up shots. “Straight-line” design of the replacement gas block further ensures reliable operation by venting gas pressure directly on the operating rod. Rod transmits the force directly to a lug on the top side of the one-piece bolt carrier redesigned specifically to work with the piston system. Carrier is machined from a solid billet of steel with an integral impingement lug to eliminate breakage that can occur with a standard carrier modified for use with a gas piston system. A knob on the gas block allows gas flow to be shut off to allow use of a suppressor or a .22 LR conversion kit. Kit may be installed on semi-auto and burst/full-auto rifles, as well as ARs chambered in non-standard calibers, including 6.8 SPC and 5.45 x 39. Requires no permanent alterations to barrel or upper receiver; remove piston system any time and reinstall the original parts.

SPECS: Piston Tube, Bolt, Bolt Carrier, Handguard Retainer Cap – Steel, black oxide finish. Piston – Steel, hard-chromed. Gas Block – Aluminum, hardcoat anodized, matte black. Handguard – Reinforced polymer composite, black. Kit contains preassembled piston assembly, gas block, bolt, bolt carrier, handguard, handguard retainer, mounting hardware, and installation instructions. Fits semi-auto and burst/full-auto rifles with carbine-length gas system and .750” O.D. barrel. Gunsmith installation recommended.

CMMG clamp carbine piston conversion replaces front sight base, handguard cap, handguards and bolt carrier on any gas operated AR-15 style upper. Piston systems operate cleaner due to hot gasses being diverted at the gas block instead of the upper receiver. Piston is hard chrome plated and is removable from the front of the gas block. The one piece bolt carrier has an integral impingement key for maximum strength. Gas block has an on and off setting for use with a suppressor, or remove the piston and set the gas system to off for use with our .22 conversion system. For use on any AR-15 or M-16 with any any caliber and any barrel length with a carbine gas system. 


Includes replacement polymer handguard, or you can upgrade to Midwest Industries MCTAR-20P Quad Rail Free Float Forearm, or MCTAR-17P Quad Rail Drop In Forearm for piston systems AT ADDITIONAL COST.

SKU Number:P-C754

 Gas Piston Installation Instructions

Gas Piston Maintenance Instructions

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