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CMMG 16” 5.56 M4 Barrel 4140CM SBN AR-15
CMMG 16” 5.56 M4 Barrel 4140CM SBN AR-15

CMMG 16” 5.56 M4 Barrel 4140CM SBN AR-15

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CMMG AR15 Barrel Assembly 16″ M4 4140CM SBN 5.56 AR-15

Perfect for building your custom AR15 upper group. Comes with properly installed M4 barrel extension. All barrel sub-assemblies are properly headspaced. Side by side against a chrome barrel it's noticeably more accurate.

CMMGs WASP finish is a salt bath ferritic nitrocarburizing surface conversion process or more commonly referred to as nitriding. The nitriding conversion is applied to the barrel inside and out, along with the front sight base on our M4LE rifles and uppers.Nitriding offers improved wear, abrasion, and corrosion resistance when compared to hard chrome lining or phosphating. The benefits are not limited to only these attributes, nitriding also offers a lower coefficient of friction. Unlike chrome lining where the chrome is built up on the surface, nitriding converts the surface with out the risk dimensional build up causing fitment and function issues. Nitriding is not an untested or unproven process; CMMG has been utilizing this process for over 2 years with our LE series of rifles. Similar processes have been used by European pistol manufactures to treat their barrels and slides for decades.

M4 Profile
4140 Chrome Moly
Salt Bath Nitride Finish inside and out
1:7 Twist
5.56×45 NATO Chamber
Threaded 1/2-28
Carbine length gas port
.750″ Gas Journal



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