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Blitzkrieg AR15 Chevron Front Sight Post Tritium with Tool AR-15
Blitzkrieg AR15 Chevron Front Sight Post Tritium with Tool AR-15

Blitzkrieg AR15 Chevron Front Sight Post Tritium with Tool AR-15

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Blitzkrieg AR15 Chevron Front Sight Post Tritium with Tool AR-15


NOTE: Blitzkrieg has used Ameriglo and Trijicon Tritium as suppliers and depending on our restock from them, your model may be either. We receive restock directly from Blitzkrieg monthly and I've seen variability supplied.

The Blitzkrieg Components AR-15 Chevron Front Sight Post (Patented) provides the ultimate iron sight picture with both a perfectly sharp aiming point and a bold, fast sight picture. The Tritium Dot model provides a very effective low light capability with the bold, bright glowing chevron and a Tritium Dot at the top of the chevron The Tritium and Luminescent stripe are only visible on one side, so there is no glow toward the enemy. The Chevron gives the perfect blend of speed and precision. The Chevron design has many unique advantages. The tip of the chevron gives the shooter a sharp aiming point for precise aiming and high confidence on difficult shots, while the bold chevron shape is easy to see and pick up quickly without obscuring the target. The contrasting Luminescent Chevron Stripe gives the shooter an eye catching sight picture that excels in both bright-light and low-light environments and the Tritium Dot adds a night capability for when the Luminescent Stripe has not been charged. Minimum adjustment for elevation is 4 clicks or one full rotation since the Luminescent Stripe is visible on one side so that no luminescence glows toward the enemy. The Chevron Shape makes for an improved sight picture with any type of protective wings, whether using standard wings, semi-hooded HK/Troy style, fully hooded, Magpul MBUS or diamond shaped. This sight post improves the sight picture of all of those designs. It also works great when co-witnessing sights and optics.

Precision machined and threaded from one piece of billet 416 Stainless Steel to the tightest tolerances for an outstanding sight picture and precise fit in any AR-15 front sight housing. The matte black finish is a melonite finish for a super hard and corrosion resistant surface. The "Yellow" Luminescent Stripe appears more yellow in daylight and glows green in low light. It is a 5 layer paint application into a machined grove on one sight of the sight. this gives you a bright yellow contrast stripe in daylight and a bright green glowing chevron in low light and darkness. The Tritium Dot adds the advantage of a visible dot in total darkness when the Luminescent paint has not be able to absorb any light Each sight comes with a matching sight adjustment tool making installation and adjustment a snap. The tool is designed for a precise fit to this sight design and is also billet machined from 303 stainless with a melonite finish.

Glow Characteristics: The Luminescent (Glow) Chevron Stripe glows very bright when charged and the glow brightness dissipates gradually in darkness. The brighter and longer the light charge is, the brighter and longer the glow will be. Sunlight and Tactical LED flashlights give the best charge. Will glow well after just a few seconds of charge, but will glow longer with a longer charge. Typically, in total darkness after being charged you can expect it to glow very bright for 5 minutes, bright for 20-30 minutes and at a lower level for several hours. This works very well to have a very bright glow when transitioning from daylight to a dark room and as your eyes adjust to lower light levels, the lower level glow will still appear bright and very easy to pick up. As the Luminescent paint begins to lose it's charge over time in total darkness, the Tritium Dot continues to provide an always-on aiming dot. This dual capability gives you the full range of night sight capability with the brightness of the Luminescent stripe when possible and the Tritium Dot when unable to charge your sights.

* Includes Front Sight Post and Sight Adjustment Tool

* Chevron Height is 0.25"

* Fits into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing that uses a standard threaded post - Any Mil-Spec fixed front sight gas block or aftermarket front sight housings made by companies such as Troy, Daniel Defense, Diamond Head, PRI, Magpul, Mid West Ind, Samson, GG&G, YHM, and any others that utilize the standard AR-15 post design. Fits Magpul MBUS, but not the new MBUS Pro. Does not fit LWRC Skirmish sights due to 11 o'clock position of detent.

    Billet Machined 416 Stainless Steel Construction
    Melonite matte black finish
    Luminescent Chevron Shaped Contrast Stripe in machined grove with Tritium Dot at Top
    Bold, Fast Sight Picture
    Precision Aiming Point
    Drops into any AR-15 Front Sight Housing
    Chevron Sight Adjustment Tool Included - billet machined 303 Stainless with melonite finish


5 of 5 STAR "Chevron Tritium front sight" September 26, 2019

Reviewer: The Phoenix from United States

The adjustment is a course setting when put in MBUS flip ups..... The dot and strip in on one side only  ..... But the one in my EXM4 with the 300/600 carry handle is adjustable front and rear....so it's spot on at one click forward of factory zero....

If they ever make these with the split index but as found on typical Tridum front pins.... It would be a six star rating!

5 of 5 STAR "AR Chevron front sight" May 27, 2019

Reviewer: Doug Carson from Billings, MT United States

I am 76 years old and have vision issues, the Chevron front sight has allowed me to continue shooting.Many thanks for a quality product.I have them on two  AR's and on a KelTec Sub 2000.

5 of 5 STAR "Great front sight. You won't be disappointed." March 14, 2019

Reviewer: Anonymous Person

I'm a return customer.  Any rifle of mine that needs MBU's, gets this. Easy to see/focus on, (for old eyes especially!), and GREAT for transitioning from the bright into dark areas, or targeting dark objects.

5 of 5 STAR "A must have for your AR! September 13, 2018

Reviewer: Eric K from Syracuse, NY United States

Excellent sight! This was my second purchase of Blitzkrieg sights, and both of the sights I have work well. Both help draw your eye to the sight and help acquire a good sight picture very quickly. I will continue to add these to all of my sight sets.

5 of 5 STAR "Amazing, these sight posts rock!!!" February 3, 2018

Reviewer: j.son from ME United States

I happened upon this website while searching for AR15 front sight posts. I bought 2 of these chevron with tritium dot posts, and not only were they shipped quickly but when they arrived I was impressed with the attention to detail and quality of material used. Installation was a breeze and adjustments with the included tool are simple. At the range this sight post helps my old tired eyes with the sharp crisp point. If you're looking at these and are on the fence about getting them, do yourself a favor and buy it. Like me...you will be glad you did, and then you will be back to buy more.

Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great Sights!
The sights work great! They are a little dim when going from light environments to dark, but if you let your eyes adjust it isn't too bad. The best thing about buying these was the excellent customer service. Aaron was very nice and accommodating to my order. Thanks Dude!
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 9/11/2021
5 Stars
Bought two different colors of these to choose which one I liked better on my PCC build. Both were an improvement over the original black post and I don't have a preference color wise, but I do now have a back up or I can install the other on a 45 degree sight package.
Did you find this helpful? 
Reviewed by:  from California. on 12/11/2021

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