B&T Accushot QK PRM Monopod Magpul PRS Quick Knob Upgrade BT12 BT13
B&T Accushot QK PRM Monopod Magpul PRS Quick Knob Upgrade BT12 BT13

B&T Accushot QK PRM Monopod Magpul PRS Quick Knob Upgrade BT12 BT13

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  • Authorized Accushot Distributor-U.S. Made Quality Part.
  • Accu-Shot Precision Rifle Monopod (PRM™) features NEW Quik Knob for faster target acquisition.
  • Push button deployment and retraction feature.
  • Adjustable for height with locking thumbnut.
  • Approximate elevation range of 3.5" - 4.75" for BT12-QK or 4.75 – 5.65” for Mid range 8.3 oz BT13-QK (select size below).
  • Constructed of T6061 Annodized Aluminum and Heat treated alloy steel.


As an alternative to a sandbag, there is nothing like the Accu-Shot on the market and has been referred to as the "sandbag of the 21st Century." Quite simply, Accu-Shot solves the same problem for the back of a rifle that a bipod solves for the front: It offers a stable shooting platform, giving a shooter the freedom to concentrate on targeting instead of holding the rifle still.

The new patented Precision Rail monopod (PRM) was inspired by the Magpul Precision Rifle Stock (PRS) and has several other applications where a Picatinny rail is found, including as a folding vertical fore grip. The PRM is our second departure from our original monopod, the first being the ASAI which we borrowed the mechanics from to provide a proven system for the PRM including the push button deployment and retraction feature. Major components are constructed from T6061 Aluminum with a hard anodize finish, internal components made from alloy steels, heat treated to Rockwell 52 for long lasting strength and durability. All PRM's come with a Thumbnut which allows the operator to "jam" the knob removing all of the tolerance found between the Male/Female threads for an extremely solid shooting platform. The leg folds up and retracts out of the way when not needed. Black only. Made in the USA. Approximate elevation range of 3.5 - 4.75". Your PRM included comes upgraded with the QK01 for faster target acquisition.

The new Standard Quick Knob (QK01) allows quick gross adjustments into the target with a push of a button! The QK01 has a spring loaded button that when depressed allows the operator to slide the knob up or down on the Actuator Rod quickly into the desired sight picture. When the button is released, the fine threads are re-engaged and the operator can make the final adjustments by rotating the QK01 knob. The QK01 works with the Thumbnut to eliminate any tolerance for increased stability. The new QK01 replaces the standard knob on BT01, BT04, BT08 and BT12 providing the same approximate range of elevation. Machined from T6061 Aluminum with a hard anodize finish and steel threads for strength and durability the QK01 is a valued upgrade.

"The Accu-Shot Monopod is one of those products that service men will tell you, "...it's guaranteed not to rust, bust, or collect dust.  It works fine and lasts a long time..."  With that said, if you don't own one, then fix it.  It's money that you will never regret spending."  Sal Palma

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