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BROWNELLS RETRO AR-15 SLICKSIDE No Forward Assist AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver

BROWNELLS RETRO AR-15 SLICKSIDE No Forward Assist AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver

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BROWNELLS RETRO AR-15 SLICKSIDE No Forward Assist AR15 Stripped Upper Receiver


Made In America? Yes
Platform: AR15
Material: Machined from 7075-T6 forged aluminum
Finish: Matte Grey
Compatibility: Works with standard AR15/M16 components

Correct Contours for a "Retro-Repro" Build of an Early AR-15. The Brownells AR-15 / M16 Slickside Upper Receiver precisely mirrors the contours of the original, early AR-15 upper receiver. Perfect for your next "Retro" or reproduction build, our upper has the following features specific to the original Slickside:


  • Correct early-style carry handle contours
  • 5.56 NATO
  • No shell deflector
  • No forward assist
  • A1-pattern rear sight housing


With help from the folks at Nodak Spud, this precise match was achieved by starting with 7075 T6 aluminum forgings that already have the proper profile built in. In machining to final dimensions, all points where other parts attach are finished current mil-spec dimensions, so current-production AR-15 components will fit perfectly. However, note that the AR-15 / M16 Slickside Upper Receiver is so period-accurate it DOES NOT have the M4-type feed ramps found on most current-production AR-15 flattop uppers.

After machining, each AR-15 / M16 Slickside receiver then gets a durable hardcoat anodized finish, in Matte Gray to match the finish on the original, early-pattern M16 rifles or Matte Black to match modern, current-production lowers, including the black version of our BRN-16A1 lower receiver (sold separately).

Our AR-15 / M16 Slickside upper is the proper receiver for "Retro-Repros" of the following rifles:


  • Original AR-15
  • Model 601
  • Model 602
  • Model 607 Carbine
  • Model 608 Carbine
  • Model 610 "XM177" Carbine
  • Model 630 GAU-5A Carbine
  • Model 649 GAU-5A/A Carbine
Optional Extra:

A1 Rear Sight Assembly Kit by Luth-AR

Gives Your Retro Rifle a True "Old School" Look. The Luth-AR AR-15 A1 Rear Sight Assembly adds that extra touch of authenticity to your retro build. It is designed to look and act the part of the original-style rear sight on your reproduction AR-15 / M16A1. While the modern AR offers various improvements there’s nothing wrong with having an appreciation for Eugene Stoner’s original design. The Luth-AR reproduction A1 Rear Sight Assembly features all-steel construction and non-reflective a matte black finish. It includes the aperture, windage drum, detent, detent spring, windage screw, and roll pin, so it is ready to install on your next build - or to give an existing rifle a different look.

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