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Adams Arms Rifle Length Piston System Rail Gas Conversion Kit Retrofit .750
Adams Arms Rifle Length Piston System Rail Gas Conversion Kit Retrofit .750

Adams Arms Rifle Length Piston System Rail Gas Conversion Kit Retrofit .750

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Adams Arms Rifle Length Piston System Rail Gas Block Conversion



Rifle Length Piston System- Along with our system this package Contains our 1 piece bolt carrier.

The Adams Arms Gas Piston System is an end user installed after-market product for Mil-Spec ARs. It will fit on any AR barrel with a .750" or 3/4" diameter at the shoulder where the front sight base sits. The Rifle version will work on barrel lengths from 16" to 18" that has an existing rifle gas system.

Our system comes in 4 lengths: pistol, carbine, midlength, and rifle. The most common listed measurements for these are: pistol – 4”, carbine – 7”, midlength – 9”, and rifle – 12”. These measurements can be found by measuring the distance between the front of the upper receiver and the shoulder where the gas block sits. These measurements are not exact but are rounded to the nearest inch for ease of terminology and for quad rail compatibility.

Adams Arms mission is to meet the engineering and design needs that will improve any flaws in the current AR15/M-16 rifle platform.

There are those that believe the current AR15/M-16 Platform should be replaced with newer rifles costing much more than the current system in place. What these companies and/or designers fail to recognize is that there are millions of the these rifles already in service around the world, whether owned by Private Citizens, Military, or Law Enforcement.

The Retro-Fit Piston Driven System developed by Adams Arms will transform and revolutionize the AR15/M-16 Rifle into a modern day platform that will continue to be relevant for many more decades to come.

Additionally the Retro-Fit System offered by Adams Arms will save Law Enforcement, Private Citizens, and other entities thousands of dollars by offering a simple upgrade option, instead of costly replacements.


  • Piston System
  • 1 Piece Carrier


All of our systems comes with a lifetime warranty provided you have not modified any of our parts or used them for anything other than their intended usage.


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