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Adams Arms 556 Carbine Tactical EVO 11.5" Evolution Piston Upper UA-11.5-C-TEVO-556
Adams Arms 556 Carbine Tactical EVO 11.5' Evolution Piston Upper UA-11.5-C-TEVO-556

Adams Arms 556 Carbine Tactical EVO 11.5" Evolution Piston Upper UA-11.5-C-TEVO-556

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Adams Arms 5.56 Carbine Tactical EVO 11.5" Evolution Piston Upper

The 5.56 Carbine Tactical Evo 11.5" Upper is a short barreled upper that incorporates the patented Adams Arms technology and the Samson Evolution extended free floating forearm. The piston system will give you the benefits of less felt recoil. The piston system parts and the barrel have been treated with our salt nitride Meloniting process making them harder and more corrosive resistant than hard chrome. The free floating forearm was manufactured for us by Samson Manufacturing and is a 7" tube that extends along the sides and bottom of the gas block, giving you enough space to mount the removable picatinny rail pieces to meet any of your needs. Add the patented Adams Arms piston system and you'll have an upper that will run cleaner, cooler, and longer than any other AR upper you own. Build as a pistol or Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) with proper license (all NFA rules applying to SBR and check all local laws applying to SBR before ordering). WE CAN PERMANENTLY ATTACH A 5" MUZZLE DEVICE OF YOUR CHOICE TO BE 16" NON SBR LEGAL FOR $59.95 (PLUS COST OF MUZZLE DEVICE UNLESS CUSTOMER SUPPLIED)! FGAA-01018


  • Carbine Length Gas Piston System
  • 11.5? Ultralite Contoured Melonited Barrel
  • 1:7 Right Handed Twist
  • M4 Feed Ramps
  • Chambered in 5.56 NATO
  • Samson 10" Evolution 7-EX Extended EVO Free Float Rail
  • A2 Flash Hider
  • Weight: 4.162 lbs

Adams Arms Evo Piston AR Upper Receiver Features and Specs (from Adams Arms):

“- Melonite coated barrel: Melonite coating reduces internal barrel friction which extends the barrel life. Melonite coating also improves accuracy due to tighter coating tolerances and improves muzzle velocity by over 100 FPS. With no chrome lining to flake or peel over time, these melonited barrels will outlast hard chrome lined barrels two to one!
- Modular tubular design: The only tubular modular upper on the market (other than Adams Arms very own competition upper.)
- Samson Evolution Ultra Light rail: The Samson Evolution Series rail is the next step forward in free floating hand guards. Light weight and durable these offer the perfect upgrade for 3 gun shooters, LE/Military or weekend enthusiasts alike. The 1.8” facetted O.D .offers a comfortable shooting platform while not being to large for most shooters. Accessory rails can be added or removed easily to adapt the hand guard to your needs (units can also be mounted at 45 degree offsets).”


NO FFL REQUIRED TO ORDER/SHIP (ALL NFA APPLY)No lower included.May be shipped to your door, no FFL required. NEVER PUT THIS ON A RIFLE LOWER THAT IS NOT A REGISTERED SBR!Be aware of all LOCAL, STATE, and FEDERAL LAWS before ordering.

Take a look at the review done on Defense Review:


This is a complete upper which includes a bolt carrier group and charging handle.


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