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Adams Arms 14.5 MidLength Tactical Evo Piston Pinned 16" XLP UA-14.5-M-XLP-TEVO-556-MFH
Adams Arms 14.5 MidLength Tactical Evo Piston Pinned 16' XLP UA-14.5-M-XLP-TEVO-556-MFH

Adams Arms 14.5 MidLength Tactical Evo Piston Pinned 16" XLP UA-14.5-M-XLP-TEVO-556-MFH

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Adams Arms 14.5 MidLength Tactical Evo Piston Pinned 16" Manimal XLP Gas Block


The popularity of 14.5? barrels on AR-15s is exploding. These barrels require the addition of a pinned and welded muzzle device in order to reach the 16? minimum legal barrel length so that NO NFA registration is required. The Manimal flash suppressor from Adams Arms is an awesome innovation that allows the option to remove the gas block and barrel nut. This is achieved with an ultra low profile that is no larger diameter than the .750 barrel itself. This unique feature will allow you to remove your gas block or rail without the costly procedure of removing/destroying the permanently installed flash hider and then having to reinstall a new one afterwards.

This is a complete piston driven upper receiver from Adams Arms with 14.5" barrel and Manimal hider pinned to over 16" legal limit. Piston systems are pinned on for ultimate reliability. FGAA-01046

  • Adams Arms 14.5” Melonited Barrel with Pinned Manimal to achieve over 16" NON-NFA length
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Chambered in 5.56 NATO
  • 1:7 Right Handed Twist – Mid Length Gas Piston
  • 12.37? Samson Evolution - Extended Free Floating Tube
  • Manimal A2 Flash Hider Pinned and Welded

Adams Arms Evo Piston AR Upper Receiver Features and Specs (from Adams Arms):

“- Melonite coated barrel: Melonite coating reduces internal barrel friction which extends the barrel life. Melonite coating also improves accuracy due to tighter coating tolerances and improves muzzle velocity by over 100 FPS. With no chrome lining to flake or peel over time, these melonited barrels will outlast hard chrome lined barrels two to one!
- Modular tubular design: The only tubular modular upper on the market (other than Adams Arms very own competition upper.)
- Samson Evolution Ultra Light rail: The Samson Evolution Series rail is the next step forward in free floating hand guards. Light weight and durable these offer the perfect upgrade for 3 gun shooters, LE/Military or weekend enthusiasts alike. The 1.8” facetted O.D .offers a comfortable shooting platform while not being to large for most shooters. Accessory rails can be added or removed easily to adapt the hand guard to your needs (units can also be mounted at 45 degree offsets).”

Adams Arms newest offering combines features from both the Tactical Elite and the Evo Ultra Lite line of uppers to give you a new more price friendly and versatile option; the Tactical Evo Upper.

This new line of uppers will give you the most inexpensive option on the market for a free floating, tactical piston upper. We’ve taken the lighter more versatile Samson Evolution rail, used on our Evo Ultra Lite uppers, and added it to our standard government contoured barrel and XLP gas block.

These barrels and blocks take less time to machine and less money to produce than the ultra lite barrel. This means a savings in manufacturing cost, which we can pass on to the customer.

The benefits of the Samson Evolution rail is that it is lighter and allows the end user to configure his fore end for whatever need may arise without having to conform to a set of quad rails. By combining our standard government profile barrel and our XLP gas block with the lighter more versatile Samson Evolution rail we’ve been able to build a new line of uppers which combine two great qualities into one.

Take a look at the review done on Defense Review:


This is a complete upper which includes a bolt carrier group and charging handle.


NO FFL REQUIRED TO ORDER/SHIPNo lower included.May be shipped to your door.



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