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Adams Arms 14.5" Mid Length Government Profile VooDoo Barrel PINNED Manimal
Adams Arms 14.5' Mid Length Government Profile VooDoo Barrel PINNED Manimal

Adams Arms 14.5" Mid Length Government Profile VooDoo Barrel PINNED Manimal

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14.5" Mid Length Government Profile VooDoo Barrel PINNED Manimal

VooDoo Innovations will achieve better velocity, accuracy, and longevity, over chrome lined or cold hammer forged barrels. Every fully melonited Voodoo Innovations barrel comes with a Lifetime Warranty and 1MOA accuracy guarantee. Voodoo guarantees the barrel for function for life and has the dependable backing of Adams Arms. This warranty means that it will produce 1 MOA or better groups with quality factory ammo and will be repaired or replaced forever. No warranty cards, no bs, they just make it right. If you want a great quality barrel, Voodoo is an excellent choice.

The popularity of 14.5" barrels on AR-15s is exploding. These barrels require the addition of a pinned and welded muzzle device in order to reach the 16" minimum legal barrel length so that NO NFA registration is required. The Manimal flash suppressor from Adams Arms is an awesome innovation that allows the option to remove the gas block and barrel nut.  This is achieved with an ultra low profile that is no larger diameter than the .750 barrel itself. This unique feature will allow you to remove your gas block or rail without the costly procedure of removing/destroying the permanently installed flash hider and then having to reinstall a new one afterwards.

  • Adams Arms 14.5” Melonited Barrel with Pinned Manimal to achieve over 16" NON-NFA length
  • M4 feed ramps
  • Only 1 lbs 10oz WITH flash hider
  • .750 MIDLENGTH Gas System
  • Chambered in 5.56 NATO
  • Barrel is 4150 CrMo
  • 1:7 Right Handed Twist – Mid Length Gas Piston
  • Manimal A2 Flash Hider Pinned and Welded

Best "Bang for the Buck" choice in barrels on the market today! Adams Arms has expanded its product line to now include a line of barrels. These barrels have proven to OUTPERFORM any mil-spec barrel on the market and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Current Barrels Disadvantages:

Standard chrome lined barrels are rifled with a slightly larger diameter than what is needed. This is done so the hard chrome can be added on top of the surface area which will add to the tolerances. It leaves high and low spots along with microscopic divots and deficits. These imperfections add resistance to the round as it travels down the barrel, slowing down the velocity. Accuracy and range of efficiency drops when the velocities on the round drop. This is evident even more so with the shorter barrels. The trade off is hard chrome resists corrosion better than the bare material the barrel is cut from and it does not have a high cost associated with it. While eventually over time it will wear off, hard chrome will outlast bare metal. You sacrifice accuracy for longevity.

Stainless steel barrels are well known for higher velocities and better accuracy because the bore has been cut true into the steel. This cut does not leave any added imperfections so the round has less resistance as it travels down the barrel. This quality does come at a high price. Most stainless steel barrels cost almost twice what a chrome lined barrel cost, which prices them out of the market for most shooters. Also, while they have corrosive resistant properties by nature, they are not completely corrosive resistant and can corrode over time. They are the choice for most high end manufacturers and shooters but they are not a viable option for every shooter.

Adams Arms Advantage:

Our barrels are finished with our proprietary QPQ Melonite process inside and out. Unlike hard chrome and magnesium phosphate, Melonite is a molecular bonding process with the metal. It allows the chemicals to seep down below the surface area of the metal, instead of just adding a top layer. This means that the barrel can be cut to a true rifle bore while maintaining complete corrosion resistance and virtually no wear. It also means that the protection offered is not just a thin layer on top of the material but actually penetrates layers deep ensuring that it does not wear off. Now you have the velocities of a stainless steel true rifle bore with complete protection! You can out last a chrome lined barrel and shoot with the accuracy and efficiency of a stainless steel barrel, all without breaking the bank. Check out velocity testing below.

The SBR velocity data especially stands out. The 7.5" PDW AR is a now viable option for personal and professional defense as well as military units that need a short CQB rifle with an effective range well past 100 meters. We have been getting even higher velocities out of our 11.5" and 14.5" barrels, with the 14.5" averaging close to 3000 fps using military ammo. Our 16" barrels are getting velocities very close to a standard 20" chrome lined AR15 barrel! 


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